Destiny 2 Wayfinder’s Voyage 4 Quest Steps

D2 Wayfinder's Voyage 4 Quest

The arrival of Week 4 in Destiny 2 Season of the Lost continues the season by bringing step 24 to step 30, allowing you to progress further.

After completing this quest, you will be rescuing yet another Techeun and will once again get another upgrade for the Wayfinder’s Compass.

While Week 4 is a few steps shorter than the previous one, you get to understand more about Savathuns feelings during the story and unlock another upgrade.

Quest Steps

Step 24: Visit Wayfinder’s Compass

Returning for Week 4, another Techeun is to be found and you will need to head over to the Wayfinder’s Compass to get briefed by Mara.

Step 25: Form an Astral Alignment

You will need to form an Astral Alignment to help locate the next Techeun, team up with others to complete it to proceed.

The Astral Alignment boss for Week 4 is Kruutiks, Reefbane and just like your previous encounters with him, you will need to follow the same routine.

Step 26: Collect Parallax Trajectory

You will need to collect Parallax Trajectory to proceed with the next step, this is to prepare you for upgrading your Wayfinder’s Compass later.

Step 27: Enter the Shattered Realm

The Wayfinder’s Compass has tracked down one of the lost Techeuns, it is now time for you to enter the Shattered Realm and rescue her.

Bringing back the Techeun successfully will unlock another ability that will become available at the Wayfinder’s Compass.

Step 28: Unlock Barrier: Enhance Breach Ability

The Barrier ability called Enhanced Breach is available once you have rescued the fourth Techeun, head over to the Wayfinder’s Compass and unlock it.

Step 29: Speak With Savathun

Once you have unlocked the Enhanced Breach ability, head over to Savathun to speak with her, which will be in Mara’s Chambers.

Step 30: End of Week 4

This marks the end of Week 4, while it may not have as many steps as the previous Wayfinder’s Voyage quests, there will soon be more to be unlocked so be ready.

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  • The quest steps in Wayfinder’s Voyage IV are similar to that of the ones in the previous quests, which can easily be completed in a short amount of time.
  • Unlocking the Enhanced Breach ability will improve your Barrier Breach, increasing the duration of its effects.
  • Keep in mind that you will need Parallax Trajectory to unlock Enhanced Breach, some tend to use it up by accident and end up having to collect more, which isn’t that bad.
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