Destiny 2 Restless Slumber Quest Steps

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Restless Slumber Quest

Restless Slumber is a quest that you can obtain from Petra Venj when you arrive at the Dreaming City although she is quite hesitant about you being there.

During this quest, you will need to activate the Blind Well after completing a set of activities in the Dreaming City.

This quest is more of an introductory quest when you arrive in the Dreaming City and also lets players participate in activating the Blind Well for the first time.

Quest Steps

Step 1: Complete Public event, Lost Sector, and Bounties in the Dreaming City

Before you interact with the Blind Well, you will need to perform the following objectives in the Dreaming City during the quest.

  • Bounties (Complete 3)
  • Public Events (Complete 1)
  • Lost Sectors (Complete 1)

Step 2: Activate the Blind Well

You will need to head over to the Blind Well, which can be found in the Dreaming City, teaming up with players to defeat enemies.

Step 3: Speak With Petra Venj

Go back to the Dreaming City and speak with Petra Venj and you will be rewarded with a Legendary Engram, completing the quest as well.

Petra Venj can be found on the map when looking in the Dreaming City.

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  • The Restless Slumber quest is meant to introduce players to the Blind Well activity, one of the many team-based challenges.
  • Blind Well activities were first introduced during Forsaken and are considered to be an end game part of Destiny 2.
  • A lot of enemies appear during Blind Well activities, which makes it important to have weapons that can kill groups of enemies or defeat enemies quickly.
  • Sometimes if there are no players around, the Blind Well may start with only one player in it, this can be quite challenging.
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