Destiny 2: Sabotaging Salvation Walkthrough

Destiny 2 Sabotaging Salvation

  • Mission Type: Quest Mission
  • Mission Location: Europa
  • Mission Duration: 10-15 Minutes

To weaken the capabilities of the Fallen, you need to head over to disable their weapons production.

You will need to make your way to Riis-Reborn Approach to sabotage a factor that produces their weapons.

Mission Objectives

Clear The Way (Part 1)

You will start in a room that has an exit to the right and will need to go through it and clear the enemies you find ahead of you.

There will be a door at the very end which has a barrier that will deactivate after you clear the enemies around it.

Reach The Weapons Factory

Enter through the doorway after the barrier has shut down and continued following the waypoint to the next area.

Skipping the enemies or heading to the very end of one of the large rooms will result in the door being shut, requiring that you clear the enemies within it.

Clear The Way (Part 2)

Clear all the enemies in the room until none are left and afterward Ghost will need to hack a nearby console to allow you to pass.

Open the Door

Interact with the console and Ghost will begin the hacking progress but you will have to defend him until it reaches 100% completion.

Sadly the hack fails and you will then need to head back near where you entered  (marked by waypoint) and find something to destroy the door with.

Destroy The Door

Move to the waypoint which marks the location of a power core that you must steal and throw at the door.

Sabotage the Weapons Factory (Part 1)

After you have destroyed the door, continue making your way towards the next waypoint, following a new objective.

Sabotage The Fallen Brigs

There will be 3 Brigs in the area which are not functional and your next task will be to destroy these, which can be done by hacking them.

Before you will be able to hack each of the Brigs, you will have to destroy their Brig Safety Guards and this has to be done for each Brig in each area.

Sabotage the Factory (Part 2)

Proceed towards the next waypoint and you will find yourself in a large room which has a console at the end of it.

Go to the console and interact with it but be prepared for a fight, as a Fallen Walker will appear and start to attack you.

Defeat the Fallen Walker

Continue to attack the Fallen Walker until you deal around 3/4 of its health which will cause a laser to mark the area it is at.

After a large explosion, the Fallen Walker will be replaced by a Factory Brig, which you must continue to destroy.

Repel The Fallen

Fight the Factory Brig while also avoiding taking too much damage from the enemies around and sooner or later once you destroy it, the mission will be complete.


  • You do not have to fight all enemies that are around but this could make things much easier as they can do quite a lot of damage when they focus fire on you.
  • The Fallen Walker will not stay around for too long and it is assumed that it transforms into the Brig by some.
  • The Factory Brig can deal a lot of damage and will attempt to use area attacks if you hid behind pillars, stay mobile or make use of your abilities.
  • Finishing this mission will allow you to start collecting Herealways Pieces which are used to purchase quests from Variks.


Destroying the Factory Brig will power down the whole factory, making your attempt to disable the production of Fallen weapons a success.

Ending this quest will make the Empire’s Fall quest available which may be obtained from Variks in Charon’s Crossing.

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