Destiny 2: How to Do Finishers

Destiny 2 Finisher

Finishers are special moves in Destiny 2 which allow your character to execute enemies when they are on low health, killing the enemy instantly.

This includes pressing a specific key or button which is bound to the action that you must press when enemies are in low health and a round marker appears above them.

Doing a finisher can help you kill an enemy, especially stronger ones with a single hit when their health has been reduced, saving time and closing in on other enemies.

Setting Up Finisher

The type of finisher you do varies and may have different visuals and animations, which you can set from your appearance subscreen.

To go to your appearance subscreen, head to your inventory and scroll down to where you can customize the different appearances of gear, vehicles, animations, and more.

If you are wondering how you can get finishers, they can be obtained as seasonal awards or by purchasing them from the store using Silver.

Performing Finisher

To perform a finisher, you simply need to get in range of an enemy (there is quite a gap that allows you to perform the finisher) and press the finisher button or key.

If you do not know what key or button you must press to perform your finisher, you can simply head to options and view or change it there.

Finishers do not require specific timing or for you to press any other keys, you simply need to press it when an enemy’s health has been reduced enough.


Finishers can be done when enemy health has been reduced and a marker will indicate this appearing as a golden orb above them.

There is no cooldown for finishers and you may repeat them as much as you like to close spaces between you and enemies as well as to avoid damage.

Some bounties or objectives require you to do finishers, which is why this is also a necessary action to get used to.

Finishers will instantly kill an enemy, regardless if they are a normal enemy or an elite, as long as the marker appears, you can kill the enemy with a single blow.

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