Destiny 2: How to Get Spinmetal Leaves

Destiny 2 Spinmetal Leaves

Spinmetal Leaves are a type of material that players may find around the Cosmodrome, which they can collect in many ways.

You will notice that Spinmetal Leaves can appear both inside structures as well in the open areas in the Cosmodrome, distinguishable by leaves coming out of containers.

Description: Spinmetal Leaves currently does not have a description but it appears to be a type of plant found only in the Cosmodrome.

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Where to Get Spinmetal Leaves?

Spinmetal Leaves can be found out in the open as well as in structures, even Lost Sectors around the Cosmodrome, on Earth.

You may obtain Spinmetal Leaves by performing the following activities while in the Cosmodrome.

Looting Chests

Chests located around the Cosmodrome can be opened, providing you with multiple resources, including Spinmetal Leaves.

Completing Bounties

Shaw Han offers bounties that you can complete to get Spinmetal Leaves along with other resources such as Glimmer.

Collecting Spinmetal Leaves

Spinmetal Leaves are located all around the Cosmodrome and can easily be spotted as there are not many plants lying around that are sticking out of canisters.

Completing Public Events

Public Events that occur in the Cosmodrome can offer various rewards, including Spinmetal Leaves, which you can receive in multiple amounts.

Performing Patrols

Patrols can be found all over the Cosmodrome and these are easily completed, making them an easy method when it comes to how to farm Spinmetal Leaves.

Spinmetal Leaves Use

Spinmetal Leave was initially used when it came to upgrading certain Legendary and Exotic gear but it is now also used for much more purposes.

You can use Spinmetal Leaves for purchasing Enhancement Prisms, which allow you to forge Masterwork gear in Destiny 2.

You can also use Spinmetal Leaves when purchasing Exotic gear from the Exotic Archive (Monument To Lost Light) located in the Tower.

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