Destiny 2 How to Unlock Exo Challenge

Destiny 2 How Unlock Exo Challenges

Exo Challenges are activities that you can participate in once you have unlocked them, which were introduced during the Beyond Light DLC.

These challenges are required for some of the game completion, including the Old Secrets, New Challenges quest which requires you to finish one, unlocking them.

Players can earn XP and various rewards for completing the different Exo Challenges as 3 different types change every week.

Types of Exo Challenges

1) Survival Exo Challenge

The Survival Exo Challenge is a test of how you can survive in extremely cold weather, requiring you to reach the end, defeat the enemies and collect the chest.

As you move throughout the area and jump across gaps, you will gain a debuff called Biting Cold, which slows you down and eventually kills you.

Biting Cold will stack up to 10x and will start damaging you over time until you warm-up, which can be done by staying near fire spots or killing enemies and picking up their drops.

2) Agility Exo Challenge

The Agility Exo Challenge is meant to test how fast you can get through the area as well as your reflexes when maneuvering around.

You will have to make several jumps onto platforms that appear and disappear, avoiding falling to your doom as you go.

It is required that you reach the end, defeat the enemies and collect the chest to complete the Exo Challenge.

3) Safeguard Exo Challenge

The Safeguard Exo Challenge will test your ability to defend, requiring that you protect Simulated Ziggurat Platforms.

Waves of enemies will continuously spawn in the area and attempt to attack; you will need to defeat them before they succeed in dealing too much damage.

Once all enemies have been defeated, you will be able to open the chest, giving you rewards and completing the mission.

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Exo Challenge Rewards

At the end of Exo Challenges, you will be able to open up a chest that will rewards you with XP, Glimmer, and gear.

Completing all of the Exo Challenges will reward you with the Bray Exoscience Monitor which is a trophy that you may place at the campsite.

How to Unlock Exo Challenges?

To unlock the Exo Challenges, you will need to complete the Reclaiming Europa, Empire’s Fall, and The Dark Priestess quests.

After completing these quests, you will be able to do the Old Secrets, New Challenges quest, which unlocks Exo Challenges.

Every week, there will be a different Exo Challenge for you to do as all are unlocked after the quest and they have a scheduled rotation.

To know more about the required quest to unlock Exo Challenges, check out our Old Secrets, New Challenges guide.

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