Destiny 2 Empire’s Fall Quest Walkthrough

Destiny 2 Empire's Fall Quest

The Empire’s Fall is a quest that follows after you have completed the main story of the Beyond Light DLC, following hints of the rise of a new Kell.

You will be able to obtain this quest once you have completed the Reclaiming Europa quest, and also allows you to unlock The Dark Priestess once finished.

By following the hints and performing tasks for Variks, you will be aiding him in confirming if the whispers of a new Kell are true and pursue them.

Quest Steps

Step 1: Purchase and Complete Two Sabotage Quests

Variks needs you to complete two Sabotage quests, which can be purchased from him in his hideout at Charon’s Crossing.

You will need to complete two of the Sabotages before you will be able to move to the next step in this quest.

Once you have purchased Sabotage quests, simply complete the objective listed in them, they may differ per quest.

Step 2: Visit Variks in Charon’s Crossing

Head back to Charon’s Crossing after you have finished the two Sabotage missions and speak with Variks to move on to the next step.

Step 3: Complete “The Aftermath” Mission

You will need to complete this mission to find the whereabouts of Kridis, which requires fighting through the Fallen.

Head over to the Eventide Ruins and track the location of The Aftermath so that you can begin with the mission.

Step 4: Speak With Variks in Charon’s Crossing

Head back to Charon’s Crossing and speak with Variks again and he will explain that there is more to discover as Kridis has sent her followers to collects remnants of the Dark.

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  • You will be going against a lot of Fallen in this quest, be sure to aim for the heads and avoid getting swarmed or cornered.
  • Easily find the location of The Aftermath by marking it on your map or following the quest, this will save you time from searching around.
  • The Sabotages may have different objectives from one another and you must complete these if you are to proceed.


Kridis may have gotten away but this does not mean you have completely lost her trail, Variks has a plan and it is bound to work.

Speak with Variks afterward to continue with another quest known as The Dark Priestess, which is unlocked when you complete Empire’s Fall.

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