Destiny 2: Old Secrets New Challenges Quest

Destiny 2 Old Secrets, New Challenges Quest

Old Secrets, New Challenges is a quest that was introduced in Beyond Light and is unlocked after you have completed the quest called The Dark Priestess.

After taking out Kridis, the latest Dark Priestess, Variks has found another anomaly, one that comes from Bray Exoscience.

You will need to head over to the Bray Exoscience and figure out what is causing what Variks explains to be something siphoning power.

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Quest Steps

Step 1: Complete Old Secrets, New Challenges Campaign

Head over to the Bray Exoscience, which you can reach by traveling from Charon’s Crossing to the Cadmus Ridge and heading to the west.

If you check your map you will see the Bray Exoscience Lost Sector which you will need to head over to and enter.

Instead of completing the Lost Sector, there is another path just as you enter the facility, stairs heading to the right and you will see a campaign (mission).

This mission will be one of the Simulations (Exo Challenges) that you may participate in and you will need to complete it to proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Return to the Exo Stranger in Charon’s Crossing

Fast travel to the location of the Exo Stranger and talk with her, revealing more lore about the darkness as well as ending the quest.

The Exo Stranger has a Fast Travel Location nearby which you can find heading south from Charon’s Crossing.


  • This quest is not that hard to complete and is considered a tutorial to Exo Challenges as well as is the only way to unlock them.
  • Exo Challenges change weekly and can be one of the 3 simulations which are Agility, Safeguard, and Survival.
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