Destiny 2 Empire Hunt: The Dark Priestess Mission

Empire Hunt: The Dark Priestess Mission

  • Mission Type: Empire Hunt
  • Mission Location: Europa

The hunt for the Dark Priestess Kridis is on and you will need to pursue her in this Empire Hunt mission, fighting your way through enemies and challenging her.

Kridis has attempted to revive House Salvation and this is your chance to put a stop to it before things get out of hand.

You will need to follow the trails leading to the Dark Priestess before it is too late and finally put an end to her treachery.

Mission Objectives

Find Kridis

You will start in the Eventide Ruins and will need to make your way to the nearby elevator which will allow you to proceed to Riis-Reborn.

Watch out for the group of Resilient Wretches that will be guarding the area, they can be quite deadly for newer players and those who are not well-equipped.

The doorways will be blocked by forcefields until you defeat the Resilient Wretches, meaning there is no way to escape and you must defeat them as soon as possible.

Follow the waypoint that leads you to Riis-Reborn Approach and continue following it until you reach a teleporter that brings you near the final area, fighting past more enemies.

Defeat Kridis

Once you reach the end, you will be in the boss fight area and will need to face off against Kridis and some of her Fallen reinforcements.

Kridis will attempt to freeze you from time to time but you can avoid this by hiding behind obstacles in the area.

There are multiple platforms and you can jump from one to the other, forcing Kridis to walk around and chase after you while you take free shots.

Keep damaging her until her life is fully depleted and the mission will come to a successful end.

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  • Not all enemies in the mission need to be killed, you simply need to clear the rooms that have enemies and barriers.
  • Kridis can freeze you in place, so watch out for her ice projectiles and hide behind corners or you may get killed by the other Fallen enemies when frozen.
  • Remember to spam your melee button when frozen, this will help you break out of the ice and possibly save your life.
  • It may be better to clear out the other enemies so that you can easily take clear headshots to deal with Precision Damage to Kridis.


Although Kridis was different from Eramis, searching for meaning, she still was heading down the wrong path because she sought out the Darkness.

Finally, you were able to put a stop to her before she could revive House Salvation and make chaos with her foiled plans.

Although you have taken out Kridis, Variks believes that there will always be another to take her place sooner or later.

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