Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3) Free Lae’zel Quest Walkthrough

After awakening from the Nautiloid crash, you begin exploring the Ravenous Beach and later find yourself in the Roadside Cliffs.

Nearby you notice someone caged who happens to be a previous companion that you had aboard the Nautiloid, Lae’zel.

She has been caught in a goblin trap, resulting in her being imprisoned in a cage but something else has found her aside from goblins.

Lae’zel Baldur's Gate 3

Free Lae’zel Objectives

1) Resolve the Conflict

Lae’zel has been trapped in a cage and some Tieflings have found her, which will later result in them attempting to capture her.

This requires that you save her by talking to the Tieflings to get them to go away or take a more violent step and kill them.

2) Free Lae’zel

With the Tieflings either convinced or killed, Lae’zel is now at your mercy and you may decide to free her or leave her in the cage. (Free her of course)

3) Recruit Lae’zel

Now that Lae’zel has been freed from her cage, you will now need to speak with her, which may result in her joining your party or heading to your camp.

Free Lae’zel WalkthroughLae’zel is trapped in a cage

Lae’zel will be trapped in a cage just to the north of the Roadside Cliffs, which requires that you head over to her location but there will be Tieflings in the cage.

Once you arrive, you will be speaking with them and can either convince them to leave with a skill check or you will have to kill them if things don’t go your way.

After you have gotten rid of the Tieflings, you may use a Ranged Attack and target the base of the cage, which will allow you to destroy it.

Lae’zel will speak with you as soon as she is out of the cage and the conversation can lead to her joining you or heading to your camp if you recruit her.

Free Lae’zel Quest Rewards

Once you have freed Lae’zel, she will now be a companion that you may select to join your party or will be waiting at your camp until you do so.

This will also unlock a quest called Find the Githyanki Creche, which has you following Lae’zel as she mentioned she has a way to remove the parasites that were placed inside of you.


Not only did Lae’zel survive the crash on her own, she was able to begin exploring, and to make things easier she seemed to be familiar with the land.

The Mind Flayer Parasite within her was causing her so much trouble that she had no choice but to join up with you to better the odds.

Now that you have Lae’zel in your camp/party, you can make use of her powerful melee potential as a fighter to proceed with your adventures.

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