Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3) Rescue the Gnome Quest Walkthrough

While exploring the Blighted Village, you come across a group of goblins who are torturing a Deep Gnome, known as Barcus Wroot.

The Deep Gnome can be seen tied to a windmill that is rotating while the goblins continuously mock the poor creature.

You will need to find a way to stop them and save the gnome to see what rewards will come to you if you are successful.

Gnome Baldur's Gate 3

How To Get Rescue The Gnome Quest?

Rescue the Gnome Quests will begin once you have gone near the windmill, where the goblins are positioned as they torture the gnome.

Rescue The Gnome Quest Objectives

1) Approach the Goblins

Once you reach the windmill, you will notice the goblins mocking someone, which happens to be the gnome that they have captured. (Speak to them)

Passing a skill check will allow you to make the goblins go away, making it easy for you to release the gnome from the windmill.

2) Defeat the Goblins (Optional)

If things didn’t go smoothly with the dialogue, you can resort to killing the goblins before you aim to release the gnome.

3) Stop The Windmill

You will need to stop the windmill before you can release the gnome by untying his bindings, which will allow you to talk to him after.

4) Untie the Gnome

Now that the windmill has come to a halt, you may untie the gnome and a conversation will begin with the two of you.

Rescue the Gnome Quest Walkthrough

Upon reaching the windmill, you will have a conversation with Fezzerk, the goblin boss, and he will taunt you. (Asking if you want to fly as well)

Talking with Fezzerk

From here you can either attack the goblins or use a skill check to make them go away, which will prevent bloodshed in the area.

Whichever choice you make, the next step will be to head inside the windmill and interact with the brake lever to stop it.

Once the windmill has stopped, you can head around and untie the gnome and a conversation will begin afterward.

Rescue The Gnome LocationThe Gnome location map

You can start Rescue the Gnome quest by heading straight from the entrance and once you reach the Ancient Sigil Circle, proceed going northeast.

The windmill can be seen on your map as its structure is a large circle and passing by the area makes it impossible to miss, especially with the gnome shouting.

Rescue the Gnome Rewards

Barcus Wroot will tell you that you can have his pack (if you can find it) and this is easy to find since it’s below the Windmill. (Access by interacting with the Wooden Hatch)

His backpack will have a few goods but one of the more important items is the Smokepowder Satchel, as it can come in handy later for the “Find the Explosives” quest.


The reason Barcus Root was tied to a windmill in the first place was that he was searching for his friend after he found an amulet that belonged to them.

Due to the heaviness of his pack, he was caught by goblins as well and decided to travel lightly, permitting you to take his pack.

Barcus Wroot will later be seen in Grymforge once you have progressed with the story as he is involved with the Save the Grymforge Gnomes quest.

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