Warframe Dagath (How to Get, Abilities & Crafting Requirements)

Dagath is a Warframe that was released in the Abyss of Dagath Update (October 18, 2023) and excels in dealing insanely large amounts of damage to enemies.

Focusing mostly on dealing Viral Damage and slicing enemies with high Critical Damage, this Warframe can take out tons of enemies within seconds.

Her abilities work in synergy, making them even more deadly when combined depending on what kind of combos you plan to use.

Dagath Warframe

How To Get Dagath?

Dagath can be obtained by crafting her after replicating her blueprints or can be purchased from the Market for 325 Platinum. (580 Platinum for Dagath Collection)

Build Dagath’s Hollow

Dagath’s Hollow

Obtaining Dagath’s Blueprints requires that you build Dagath’s Hollow (Dojo) and this is the first thing you should do as this will take 24 hours to complete.

You can skip this though by spending 45 Platinum, which will allow you to access it right away if you have enough to spare.

While Dagath’s Hollow is being built, this would be a good time for you to start farming the resources needed to craft her components.

The following materials are needed to craft Dagath’s Hollow:

Purchase Abyssal Beacons From Syndicates

Purchasing Abyssal Beacons

The next step is to gather all the resources needed for Dagath, which includes Vainthorn, a resource that was added with the Abyss of Dagath update.

Before you can farm Vainthorn though, you will first need to buy a couple of Abyssal Beacons as these are required to enter the Abyssal Zone.

You can purchase Abyssal Beacons from any Syndicate, which will cost you 5,000 Standing for each one and you will need a ton of these.

Farm Vainthorn

Farming Vainthorn

Dagath requires Vainthorn, a resource that was introduced with the Abyss of Dagath update and you can get this by completing the Abyss Zone mission.

The Abyss Zone mission can be started by opening Ceres in the Navigation Menu, but you will need an Abyssal Beacon for each run you do.

Completing a run of the Abyss Zone mission will reward you with 6 to 8 Vainthorn and this cannot be increased with a Resource Booster. (Dagath requires a total of 102 Vainthorn in total)

Craft Components and Dagath

Crafting Components of Dagath

Once you have enough Vainthorn and have crafted all of her components, you will be able to craft the components first.

This means that before Dagath can be crafted, you will need to craft the Dagath Neuroptics, Dagath Chassis, and Dagath Systems.

Each of her components will take 12 hours to complete and once finished, you can begin crafting Dagath, which will be done in 72 hours.

Dagath Crafting Requirements

The following are the requirements needed to craft Dagath and her components, which include a special resource, Vainthorn.

Dagath Blueprint

  • 1 Vainthorn Neuroptics
  • 1 Vainthorn Chassis
  • 1 Vainthorn Systems
  • 3 Orokin Cells

Dagath Neuroptics

  • 34 Vainthorn
  • 2,000 Alloy Plate
  • 3 Neurodes
  • 3 Neural Sensors
  • 15,000 Credits

Dagath Chassis

  • 34 Vainthorn
  • 1,500 Salvage
  • 4 Morphics
  • 2 Argon Crystal
  • 15,000 Credits

Dagath Systems

  • 34 Vainthorn
  • 1,000 Circuits
  • 5 Control Module
  • 4 Gallium
  • 15,000 Credits

Dagath AbilitiesAbilities of Dagath

Dagath is capable of dealing high amounts of damage with both her abilities and can perform devastating melee attacks.

The following are Dagath’s abilities as well as their stats when she reaches the max level:


Dagath’s passive provides a 35% chance for Energy and Health Orbs to be 300% more effective when she picks them up.

1) Wyrd Scythes

Dagath becomes surrounded by rotating scythes that damage nearby enemies and after a short duration, they are sent forward to seek out enemies.

Enemies who are struck by Wyrd Scythes will take Viral Damage with a guaranteed Status Effect and will be slowed.

If enemies are affected by Dagath’s Doom Ability, Wyrd Scythes will spread this to other enemies and extend the duration of its effects.



Affected By


25 EnergyAbility Efficiency
Slow Duration5 Seconds

Ability Duration


35%Ability Strength
Spread Range15 Meters

Ability Range

Spin Damage

500 Viral DamageAbility Strength
Throw Damage1,000 Viral Damage

Ability Strength

2) Doom

Dagath blasts enemies that are in front of her, dealing a large amount of Viral Damage to them which can be affected by Wyrd Scythes.

Enemies that are affected by Doom will have additional damage dealt to them if they are hit by Wyrd Scythes, which extends the Viral Status Effects.

Those who are affected by Doom will have their defenses reduced if they are hit by Rakhali’s Cavalry, Dagath’s 4th ability.



Affected By


50 energyAbility Efficiency
Duration15 Seconds

Ability Duration


15 Meters%Ability Range
Angle40 Degrees



500 Viral DamageAbility Strength
Damage Redirection35%Ability Strength

3) Grave Spirit

Dagath Supercharges her weapons, which cause them to deal extra Critical Damage (this works well with Critical Chance weapons) when attacking enemies.

The Critical Damage is doubled if the enemies that you attack are affected by Dagath’s Doom Ability, allowing you to deal devastating attacks.

Aside from dealing high amounts of Critical Damage, Dagath will escape into spectral form if she suffers a fatal blow, allowing her to escape and regain her health. (Has a 25-Second Cooldown)



Affected By


75 EnergyAbility Efficiency
Cooldown25 Seconds


Critical Damage

50%Ability Strength
Doom Critical Damage100%

Ability Strength

Time Invulnerable

10 SecondsAbility Duration
Dodge Chance100%


4) Rakhali’s Cavalry

Dagath summons Phantom Kaithes (this can be cast in the air) that stampede towards a direction, hitting enemies that they come in close contact with.

Enemies that are hit will take Viral Damage and will be stripped of their defenses if they are affected by Dagath’s Doom ability.

Horses will continuously charge forward until they reach an end but will also disappear if they collide with walls and other obstacles.



Affected By


100 EnergyAbility Efficiency
Duration3 Seconds

Ability Duration


30,000 Viral DamageAbility Strength
Defense Reduction35%Ability Strength

Dagath Strategy

Dagath can work wonders depending on how you intend to use her but most of her abilities are boosted when used against enemies affected by Doom.

Using Doom before casting Dagath’s abilities can help you take down enemies that you are focusing on while Grave Spirit on its own is a great way to escape dangerous situations.

A good combo to use would be to cast Grave Spirit, followed by Doom before you rush in with Wyrd Scythes or trample your enemies with Rakhali’s Cavalry.


Dagath is an insanely powerful Warframe, which allows you to focus more on your offense with a useful lifesaver (Grave Spirit) that gets you out of trouble.

Her Wyrd Scythes can be useful for both killing enemies up close as well as from afar and when combined with Doom, it can be devastating.

Rakhali’s Cavalry does insane amounts of damage and if by any chance there are enemies still standing, they will be easy to kill as if cutting through butter with a hot knife.

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