Warframe Vainthorn (How to Get, Location & Uses)

With the release of the Abyss of Dagath update, a new Warframe called Dagath and her signature weapon were added to the game.

Obtaining the blueprints for Dagath and the blade and whip called Dorrclave is relatively easy but you will need specific resources to craft them.

One of these resources is Vainthorn, which was also added during the update and this can easily be farmed so you can get both Dagath and Dorrclave quickly.

Vainthorn resource in Warframe

Where To Get Vainthorn?Abyssal Zone on Ceres

Vainthorn can only be obtained from the Abyssal Zone on Ceres, which is a mission that you can begin once you have Abyssal Beacons.

Abyssal Beacons are purchasable from any Syndicate and will cost you 5,000 Standing each, making it necessary to grind a bit to buy them.

Once you have one or more Abyssal Beacons, you can start the Abyssal Zone mission and complete it to get Vainthorn.

How To Get Vainthorn?Abyssal Zone mission

Vainthorn is rewarded at the end of an Abyssal Zone mission and this will come in random numbers that often range from 6 to 8.

As mentioned earlier, you will need to buy Abyssal Beacons and start the Abyssal Zone mission, where you will have two objectives.

You will need to exterminate a certain number of enemies during the mission as well as extract with Defixio, which is found along the way.

To find a Defixio, you will need to locate members of a crew and speak to them to reveal an area that has one nearby so that you can search for it. (It makes a humming sound when you are nearby too)

Once you pick up the Defixio and have killed enough enemies, you can make your way to the extraction and will be rewarded with Vainthorn.

Vainthorn Uses

Vainthorn is used for crafting Dagath and Dorrclave, which you can obtain from Dagath’s Hollow after you have built it. (This became available during the update)

Once Dagath’s Hollow has been built, you may replicate the blueprints for the components needed for Dagath and Dorrclave. 

The following items require Vainthorn

  • Dagath (Blueprint)
  • Dagath Neuroptics (Component Blueprint)
  • Dagath Chassis (Component Blueprint)
  • Dagath Systems (Component Blueprint)
  • Dorrclave (Blueprint)
  • Dorrclave Blade (Component Blueprint)
  • Dorrclave Hilt (Component Blueprint)
  • Dorrclave Hook (Component Blueprint)
  • Dorrclave String (Component Blueprint)

Vainthorn Resource Booster

Unfortunately after testing the Abyss Zone with a Resource Booster purchased, the amount of Vainthorn obtained was not doubled.

You will have to resort to farming Vainthorn in the amounts of 6, 7, or 8 at random whenever you complete an Abyss Zone mission.


Once you have built Dagath’s Hollow, crafting Dagath and Dorrclave becomes the easy part if you have already progressed in the game.

You will mostly need to grind Standing for a faction so you can purchase Abyssal Beacons and after that, replaying the Abyss Zone is all you need to do.

To have enough Vainthorn to craft both Dagath and Dorrclave, you will need to complete around 22 to 30 Abyss Zone runs.

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