Diablo 4 Chapter Slayer Season Journey (Season 2)

As your character becomes stronger, you are yet to face more challenges and during The Season of Blood, certain accomplishments will grant you well-earned rewards.

The fifth chapter of the Season Journey provides you with rewards after you have strengthened your character, which means more Nightmare Dungeons and Blood Harvest farming.

This chapter of the Season Journey will help you prepare for World Tier 4, which is where things begin to get more intense as you are now in the endgame.

Chapter Slayer (Season of Blood)

Season 2 Season Journey Chapter Slayer Objectives

1) Reaching For Greatness

Improve a Paragon Glyph to Rank 21 after finishing Nightmare Dungeons. (The higher the level of the Nightmare Dungeon, the faster your Glyph can be leveled up)

Reward: Smaller Favor

2) Storm Watch

Defeat Grigoire in Nightmare, which can be done by summoning him at the Dry Steppes after you have obtained Living Steel from Helltides.

Living Steel drops from the Tortured Gift of Living Steel, which requires that you have 300 Aberrant Cinders to open and there will also be a tough enemy to defeat.

Reward: Favor

3) Potent Potable

Craft any Elixir that requires you to reach Level 65 at an Alchemist. (These are automatically unlocked at the Alchemist once you have reached Level 65.

Reward: Favor

4) Prophecy Pluripotent

Open 1 Tortured Gift of any type during the Helltide. (These are found in areas affected by the Helltide and will require a certain amount of Aberrant Cinders to open)

Reward: Favor

5) Blessing of the Strong

Equip a Sacred Legendary item in every slot. (Legendary items are not hard to come by once you reach World Tier 3 and 4)

If you do not have a set of Legendary items that you like, you can equip any of them and swap them back later to your preferred items. (Or you can make them Legendary with an Aspect)

Reward: Favor

6) Lilith’s Undoing

Purify Seeds of Hatred in hostile areas. (Hostile areas mean the Fields of Hatred, which can be found in Kehjistan and the Dry Steppes)

Reward: Favor

7) Sojourner Into Darkness

Complete a Tier 20 or higher Nightmare Dungeon. (You will eventually obtain higher Nightmare Sigils or you can craft them once you have enough Sigil Powder)

Reward: Favor

8) Threshold of Damnation

Complete the Fallen Temple to unlock the Torment World Tier. (Once you hit Level 70, you should easily be able to complete this dungeon)

Reward: Favor

9) Fully Avowed

Possess 20 total Pacts across equipped armor at once. (You can either equip armor that you have found or alter them with a Pact of Eternity, Pact of Divinity, or Pact of Ferocity)

Reward: Favor

10) Triple Threat

Upgrade 2 Vampiric Powers to Level 3 by using Potent Blood. (You can farm Potent Blood easily in the Blood Harvest zones)

Reward: Favor

11) Jewel Crush

Craft a Flawless Gem at the Jeweler. (Flawless Gems can be crafted once you reach Level 50 and it will automatically unlock at the Jeweler)

Reward: Favor

Season 2 Chapter Slayer Rewards

With a total of 12 objectives in the Slayer Chapter, you will need to complete at least 10 of them to obtain the chapter rewards.

1) Epic Favor

A huge boost in favor of providing you with even more progress so that you can claim rewards from your Battle Pass.

2) Salmagundi

Another mount that you can obtain and equip later at the Stablemaster. (It seems that the Mounts that are rewarded are still bugged and don’t appear for some players)

3) Firth Journey Cache

Another Cache that contains many of the valuable late game resources along with Pact Armor, Potent Blood, and a Scroll of Amnesia.

The Scroll of Amnesia is an item that allows you to refund all your allocated Skill Points and Paragon Points.

4) Aspect of Elements

The Aspect of Elements provides any class with an increased amount of damage to certain damage types for 7 seconds.

This changes and will swap between Fire, Lightning, and Physical or Cold, Poison, and Shadow, allowing you to use it for certain builds.


Slayer is the first step into the real end game and is meant to give you a push towards Level 70 but you will need to grind a bit to complete some of the objectives.

Focusing on each of the objectives that are related to each other would be the best way to progress, such as farming in Blood Harvests or sticking with Nightmare Dungeons.

Completing the objectives in the Slayer Chapter is easier if you are around 65 to 70 as it is mostly expected that once you complete it, you will be ready for World Tier 4.

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