Warframe Abyssal Beacon (How to Get, Location & Uses)

With the release of Abyss of Dagath, players now have the opportunity to craft the new Warframe Dagath as well as Dorrclave, her signature weapon.

To craft them though, you will need to obtain a new type of resource called Abyssal Beacon but jumping into a certain mission is not enough, you need Abyssal Beacons.

An Abyssal Beacon is an item that players need to gain access to the Abyss Zone, which is where Vainthron can be obtained.

Abyssal Beacon Warframe

Where To Get Abyssal Beacon?Arbiters of Hexis/Offerings

Abyssal Beacons can be obtained by purchasing them from the offerings of any Syndicate, which means you will need Standing to get your hands on them.

Standing may be obtained in different ways and you will need 5,000 for each Abyssal Beacon, which is equivalent to each run in the Abyssal Zone.

To buy Abyssal Beacons, you can open the Syndicate menu whilst aboard the Orbiter or by heading to them when you visit one of the Relays.

How To Get Standing?Syndicate Mission

Standing is obtained by completing Syndicate Missions, which are later available once you have progressed with a certain Syndicate.

You can also obtain certain collectibles during some Syndicate Missions that may be picked up, which will contribute to Standing.

Having a Sigil of a Syndicate will earn you Standing as well and will be based on the amount of Affinity that you gain. (There is a limit to how much Standing you can get per day)

Abyssal Beacon Uses

Abyssal Beacons are required for you to access the Abyss Zone, which is where you will be able to obtain Vainthorn upon its completion.

This will allow you to later craft the Warframe Dagath as well as Dorrclave, her signature Blade and Whip weapon that was introduced during the Abyss of Dagath update.

Completing an Abyss Zone Mission will consume the Abyssal Beacon, making it safe to cancel or abort these missions if necessary.


Farming Vainthorn requires Abyssal Beacons, meaning you will need to have Standing if you want to enter the Abyssal Zones to get Vainthorn.

If you have progressed with a certain Syndicate and have enough Standing to spare, you should be able to farm enough Vainthorn within a day or two.

You can purchase as many Abyssal Beacons but to craft Dagath and Dorrclave, you will only need around 30 Abyssal Beacons or less.

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