Warframe Dorrclave (How to Get & Crafting Requirements)

Dorrclave is the signature weapon of Dagath, which was released during the Abyss of Dagath Update (October 18, 2023) along with the Warframe.

This Blade and Whip offers a good amount of both Critical Chance and Status Chance, making it easy to adapt to different melee builds.

It features a unique trait called Rising Vendetta, providing certain bonuses for killing enemies consecutively as well as additional effects when used by Dagath.

Dorrclave Melee Weapon Warframe (Abyss of Dagath)

How To Get Dorrclave?

Dorrclave is obtained similarly to Dagath, requiring that you replicate its blueprints before it can be crafted but you can also purchase it 175 Platinum. (580 Platinum for Dagath Collection)

Construct Dagath’s Hollow

accessing Dagath’s Hollow

Before you can craft Dorrclave, you will first need to obtain its blueprints and this will require you to have access to Dagath’s Hollow.

Dagath’s Hollow can be constructed in the Dojo and will take 24 hours before it will be complete, giving you enough time to farm her resources.

While waiting and farming will often be done by most players, you can skip the whole process by spending 45 Platinum to speed up its construction.

The following materials must be contributed to build Dorrclave’s Hollow:

  • 3,000 Credits
  • 1,500 Alloy Plate
  • 600 Circuits
  • 300 Cryotic
  • 1 Forma

Purchase Abyssal Beacons From Syndicates

From Syndicates purchasing Abyssal Beacons

Amongst the resources needed to craft Dorrclave, one of them is a new resource added in the Abyss of Dagath Update, which is Vainthorn.

This is farmed in the Abyss Zone but before you can access it, you will need to get Abyssal Beacons and these can be purchased from any Syndicate.

Each Abyssal Beacon will require 5,000 Standing, which makes it necessary for you to raise it with a Syndicate or two to have a good supply.

Farm Vainthorn

Vainthorn farming

One of the resources required to craft Dorrclave is Vainthorn, which was also added to the game when the Abyss of Dagath Update was released.

These are farmed in the Abyss Zone, which becomes accessible once you have purchased Abyssal Beacons from the Syndicate. (Each run costs an Abyssal Beacon)

During the Abyss Zone Mission, you will have to eliminate enemies and find a Defixio, which you will bring to the extraction point. (Multiple exist in a single mission but you only need 1)

You will need a total of 80 Vainthorn combined with other resources to craft Dorrclave and each run of an Abyssal Mission will reward you with around 6 to 8. (Resource Boosters don’t work)

Craft Components and Dorrclave

crafting the components of Dorrclave

After you have farmed the required amount of Vainthorn and other resources, you may head back to the Foundry in your Orbiter to craft the components.

Once the components for Dorrclave have been crafted, you can start building the weapon and claim it once it is finished.

The components for Dorrclave will take 12 hours to complete as well as the weapon itself and if you have enough Platinum to spare, you can skip waiting for them.

Dorrclave Crafting Requirements

The following are the resources that are required for you to craft Dorrclave as well as the components that it needs:

Dorrclave Blueprint

  • Dorrclave Blade
  • Dorrclave Hilt
  • Dorrclave String
  • Dorrclave Hooks

Dorrclave Blade

  • 20 Vainthorn
  • 750 Ferrite
  • 630 Rubedo
  • 2 Argon Crystal
  • 20,000 Credits

Dorrclave Hilt

  • 20 Vainthorn
  • 640 Nano Spores
  • 570 Plastids
  • 2 Morphics
  • 20,000 Credits

Dorrclave Hook

  • 20 Vainthorn
  • 250 Plastids
  • 370 Ferrite
  • 500 Rubedo
  • 20,000 Credits

Dorrclave StatsStats of Dorrclave

Dorrclave is a Blade and Whip that has a unique trait called Rising Vendetta, which provides 50% Follow Through and 100% Status Chance for the next 10 attacks after killing 10 enemies.

When wielded by Dagath, she gains 6 health for every active Status Effect on an enemy that she attacks with Dorrclave.

The following are Dorrclave’s Stats:



Attack Speed

Blocking Angle


Combo Duration

Follow Through



Riven Disposition


Slam Attack

Slam Radial Damage


Slam Radius

Slide Attack



Critical Chance


Critical Multiplier



Slash Damage

Heavy Attack


Slam Attack


Slam Radial Damage

Slame Radius


Wind Up


Dorrclave Rising Vendetta Usage

When equipped or attacking with Dorrclave, your crosshair will show how many charges of Rising Vendetta you have once it activates.

As you attack enemies, the charges will disappear until another set of 10 enemies have been killed again, providing you with a new set of charges.

Continuously defeating enemies will help you maintain the bonus from Rising Vendetta and when used by Dagath, she becomes unkillable due to the health gain.


Dorrclave can work wonders depending on how well you build it and can be used for both Critical and Status builds due to the balanced stats.

The addition of Follow Through and Status Chance are huge bonuses and since you only need 10 kills, Rising Vendetta can often be triggered.

Obtaining Dorrclave is not that hard either since you can farm all the Vainthorn needed within an hour or less, leaving you only with the need to wait for its crafting completion.

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