Warframe Dorrclave Builds (Our Effective Builds)

Dorrclave is a Blade and Whip that was introduced with the Abyss of Dagath Update and offers a slightly more enjoyable experience than some of the other weapons.

With its Rising Vengeance unique trait, you get increased Follow Through and guaranteed Status Effects for their next set of attacks after 10 kills or assists.

With stats that offer a good balance between Critical Damage and the ability to inflict Status Effects, there are multiple possibilities for builds.

Warframe Dorrclave Blade Builds

Rising Vengeance

First, let’s check out Rising Vengeance as this can play a huge part later when you have builds that rely on Status Effects or even the Follow Through bonus.

Rising Vengeance provides you with double weapon Follow Through, meaning the amount of damage that can be spread to enemies will be increased.

This is because when you swing your weapon, the first target takes more damage and the rest takes reduced damage but with 100% Follow Through, more damage is spread.

Aside from the Follow Through, you have 10 strikes that are guaranteed to apply Status Effects, making this good for Status or Hybrid Builds.

As for being used by Dagath, being able to damage enemies affected by Status Effects will heal her, which is perfect for survivability.

Dorrclave Critical Damage Build

Dorrclave Critical Damage Build

Our Dorrclave Critical Build is like most builds, providing you with an increase in Critical Chance so you can deal more damage with a good boost in Attack Speed and Range.

Berserker Fury has been to increase your Attack Speed with the weapon up to 70% once you are on a killing spree. (Each enemy killed provides 35% Attack Speed for 2 seconds, max stacks are 2)

We have added two elements to add based damage as well as to deal more damage against certain enemies and this can be altered depending on what faction you are up against.

Dorrclave Status Build

Dorrclave Status Build

The guaranteed Status Effects from Rising Vengeance can be mouthwatering and one way to go at it is with an all-out status build.

This build features 4 different mods that provide you with Status Chance and additional damage, but you can always replace these with pure damage mods.

Condition Overload has been added of course to deal more damage to enemies who are affected by Status Effects and Primed Reach goes well with the bonus Follow Through.

Dorrclave Elemental Damage Build

Dorrclave Elemental Damage Build

This may be taking things a bit too far, but a lot of damage can go a long way, which is why we have added Primed Fever Strike, North Wind, Molten Impact, and Shocking Touch.

These boost the base damage of the weapon and with the addition of True Steel, we get a little more Critical Chance with the build.

Berserker Fury has been added for Attack Speed but if you use Arcane Strike, you can replace it with Organ Shatter for a higher Critical Damage Multiplier.

Dorrclave Hybrid Build

Dorrclave Hybrid Build

Going back to normal builds, if you are a fan of both Critical Chance and Status Chance builds, our Hybrid Build can do wonders in multiple ways.

With a single elemental combination and the addition of True Steel and Organ Shatter, you have a good chance to inflict Status Effects and get critical hits on enemies.

Weeping Wounds has been added to the build but can be replaced with other mods since you get guaranteed Status Effects from Rising Vendetta.

Dorrclave Gladiator Build

Dorrclave Gladiator Build

The Gladiator Mods have been neglected by a lot of players for some time, but they do pretty well with Dorrclave since they act similarly to Blood Rush.

Aside from the Gladiator Set Bonus, the individual stats from each of the mods can be useful in a fight, especially the Attack Speed from Berserker Fury combined with Gladiator Vice.

With all mods from the Gladiator Set equipped on your Warframe and weapon, the Critical Chance of Dorrclave will greatly increase based on your Combo Multiplier.


Most of these builds will do exceptionally well on almost any mission but when it comes to the Steel Path, you will most likely want to go with a Primer Build.

Having a build that has Condition Overload can be very useful, especially when your Primary or Secondary weapon can inflict multiple Status Effects.

Since there will be times when you have guaranteed Status Effects, you can equip Dorrclave with elements that your Primer Weapon doesn’t have.

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