How To Heal in Starfield (Best Ways to Heal)

Taking damage in Starfield is inevitable and there are several reasons why your health can go down such as taking damage from enemies or the environment around you.

Whatever reason there may be for the damage you have taken, sometimes this can make your health critical, and this can put you in a bad spot.

Luckily, there are many ways for you to heal yourself and this can save you from getting killed when you least expect it.

Taking damage from the enemies in Starfield

How to Restore Health? (Best Ways to Heal)

1) Using Medicine

Healing using Med Packs

Multiple healing items can be found or even crafted in the game, with one of the most efficient ones being the Med Pack.

Such items can restore your health and provide you with other effects based on the healing item that you use but it’s best to stock up on Med Packs.

Med Packs at default restore 5% of your health/s over 9 seconds, which often results in your health being restored by around or almost half. (This may be increased by Medicine skill)

2) Consuming Food and Drinks

Consuming the foods and drinks that contains Nutrition skill and health regeneration for healing

Aside from medicinal items, you can get your hands on a lot of food and drinks by looting areas, crafting food items, and more.

These items mostly provide you with a small amount of health regeneration and with the Nutrition skill, the effectiveness of these items can be increased.

Some food will provide you with health regeneration while others include additional effects that will be helpful in different ways depending on what you consume.

3) Sleeping

another method to heal is just sleeping on the bed

Sleeping is one of the most efficient ways to restore your health as it costs nothing but a simple interaction with a bed. (Minimum is 1 in-game hour)

After sleeping, your health will be completely restored, and you will also gain a buff that increases the amount of experience you gain.

You will need to be out of combat to sleep and one of the best places to restore your health by sleeping would be on a ship that has a berth or living quarters.

4) Visit A Doctor

visiting the Doctor is another method that can use to heal in the game

There are doctors in Starfield who can help you with your injuries as well as ailments if you are suffering from any.

You may visit doctors in various settlements, who are mostly found at Reliant Medical, which is what players can consider a hospital in Starfield.

Once you enter Reliant Medical, there will be a doctor inside that you can speak with to heal you or to purchase medical supplies.

5) Leveling Up

healing can also be done by leveling up whenever you get injured

Leveling up is not something that you can guarantee every time you are injured but whenever this happens, your character is fully restored.

Upon gaining enough experience, your character will reach their next level, providing them with an additional skill point and having their status and health restored.

While this is not something you can control often, you may find that it can surprisingly save your hide now and then as you progress through the game.


Dying in the game can lose you a lot of progress, especially when the game does not save at every precise moment that it should.

While Quicksaving and reloading is one way of making sure you get by, dying often during these can waste a lot of time and cause you to redo certain steps.

It is best to have a bed on your ship and carry Med Packs with you when you are exploring to make sure you can avoid getting killed.

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