Starfield Mission Board (Requests, Locations & Bounty Contracts)

Starfield has a lot of activities for players to complete and one of these is bounties (side missions) that can be completed to earn some Credits.

Most of these are generated at random and will provide players with easy ways to earn money in the game but each mission has its difficulty.

Some bounties may be harder than others, but this means you get more Credits when you complete them, and you may even discover something along the way.

Starfield Mission Board

What Are Bounty Contracts?

Bounty Contracts or Mission Board activities are certain missions that you can accept from a Mission Board or what others refer to as a Mission Terminal.

These can be found in Settlements or may be built in an Outpost to give you access to a collection of missions that change from time to time.

Accepting a mission from the Mission Board will give you an objective to complete that will reward you with Credits once you complete the task/s given.

How To Get Mission Board Requests?

To get bounty contracts, you will need to interact with a Mission Board, and these can be found in certain areas around the system, mainly in settlements.

Once you have located a Mission Board, you will need to interact with it to open its menus, which display the available missions.

Select the mission/s that you want to add, and you will be able to track and complete them to earn Credits for each one of them. (Completed missions are replaced with new ones)

Mission Board Locationslocations for Mission Boards

Listed below are our known locations for Mission Boards that can be found around the galaxy in certain locations.

  • The Lodge Basement (New Atlantis – Jemison)
  • Viewport Bar – (New Atlantis – Jemison)
  • Pit Stop (Hopetown – Polvo)
  • Hitching Post (Akila City)
  • Freestar Rangers (The Rock – Akila City)
  • Broken Spear (Cydonia)
  • Astral Lounge (Neon)
  • Trident Luxury Lines (Space Station in Cheyenne)
  • Stroud-Eklund (Shipyard on Narion)
  • Deimos (Shipyard on Deimos)
  • UC Vigilance (United Colonies Ship)
  • The Key (Reckoner’s Core – Crimson Fleet)
  • Science Outposts (Various Locations)

Outpost Mission BoardOutpost Mission Board

Players can build an outpost on most planets and any if they have leveled up the Planetary Habitation skill, which allows them to place their own Mission Boards.

Mission Boards can be placed by entering build mode when you have set up an outpost and selecting the item from the list, which will be under Miscellaneous items.

You will need to construct and power the Mission Board before you can use it, but this will make it function just like the ones you find in the settlements.

Bounty Rewards

Completing a Mission Board Request or Bounty will reward you with Credits, which will vary based on the difficulty of the task given to you.

Some will require that you kill an enemy while others require that you make a delivery or survey an area, which will be random at most times.

Most bounties can reward you from around 1,500 Credits to beyond 10,0000 Credits depending on what difficulty the mission given to you is.


Bounties are great for getting extra Credits as well as experience, especially since they open new activities for you to do during your free time.

If you need extra Credits, grabbing a whole set of bounties is good to get you a couple thousands of Credits in a small amount of time.

Having a Mission Board built on your Outpost is a great way to come back and forth to a base that allows you to deposit any good finds and restock on missions.

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