Starfield The New Atlantis Well Location (What’s in the Well?)

The Well is an underground location within New Atlantis where most of the works are done beneath the large city, which contains certain landmarks you may visit.

Reaching the well can be a bit confusing for players at first as they may get a mission as early as they start the game and arrive at New Atlantis.

Having access to The Well will provide you with additional shops to visit and even missions that you can do once you explore the area.

Well in New Atlantis

How To Reach The Well?reaching the well

To reach The Well, you will need to start at New Atlantis (Jemison) where your ship will have landed, and proceed to make your way to Jemison Mercantile.

Once you reach Jemison Mercantile, you will see a small entrance before you reach TerraBrew Coffee, which is where an elevator will be.

Head into the elevator and interact with the buttons at the side and you will be able to choose The Well, which will take you into the area.

What is in The Well?

The well is an underground area that is unclean by most of the citizens of New Atlantis, but it does serve its purposes if you know your way around.

Some of the main locations to check out in The Well would be the following:

  • UC Surplus (Equipment Shop)
  • Kay’s House (Food and Drinks Shop)
  • Apex Electronics (Resources and Miscellaneous)
  • Trade Authority (General Vendor)
  • House of the Enlightened (Religious)


The well has a lot of places you can go check out and if you want to get your hands on some equipment or resources, it is worth checking out.

You can start your journey into the House of the Enlightened if you have chosen the Raised Enlightened trait during the creation of your character.

A side mission will often be what brings you to The Well and this is obtained as you explore New Atlantis after first landing and walking around.

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