Starfield Flashlight (How to Turn On, Off & Use) PC & Xbox

Starfield has a lot of locations and some of them are too dark to see in, which makes it necessary to utilize your flashlight for better visibility.

Although this can be a big help, this does play a part in making you more visible to enemies as well, but this is better than running blind in the dark.

The flashlight can be used regardless of what you are doing and can play a big role when it comes to exploring dark locations.

Flashlight Starfield

What is Flashlight For?

The flashlight is a tool that is not shown in your inventory but is rather a built-in tool that your character will always have.

This allows you to illuminate an area in front of you when you are in a dark place, allowing you to see better.

Players have the option to toggle their flashlight on and off whenever they want, even if they are wielding a weapon or using the Hand Scanner.

How To Use Flashlight?Activating the Flashlight

The flashlight can be activated when you are controlling your character and can be toggled on or off by holding the “F” key for PC or the “LB” button for Xbox.

This will turn on the flashlight as shown in the image above, which can light up an area in front of you at even greater distances.

This makes it easier to see enemies in dark areas when you are wielding a weapon, so you have a better chance of shooting them instead of aiming in the dark.

Advantages of Using Flashlight

Using your flashlight can be done with both the Hand Scanner and when you are wielding a weapon, making it good for scavenging or combat.

You can toggle it on and off even when you are using a Hand Scanner, which will allow you to search dark areas better for loot. (Turning it off makes it easier to see highlighted items though)

Stealth Disadvantages

When it comes to stealth, you will want to make sure that you are well hidden but the use of a flashlight is the same as flashing a bright light where you are.

This can give enemies a better chance of seeing you, which makes the use of a flashlight in stealthy situations something that needs to be avoided.

Instead of using a flashlight in the dark when there are enemies, you can always resort to the Hand Scanner to track them.


Aside from any in-game mechanics, the flashlight is a great help for players as it allows them to check out darker areas of facilities and caves.

This can lead you to find items that are rare or find a passage that was not obvious in the dark, which sometimes happens.

Overall, you don’t need to have the flashlight active at all times but it does help you out in certain situations where you can’t see much.

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