How to Add & Remove Armor Perks Using Console in Starfield

The armor that you wear in Starfield can determine how well you will survive encounters with not only enemies but the environment as well.

This is why it’s best to change your armor to better options whenever you can as there are those with Rare, Epic, and Legendary variants.

Items with better rarity provide more benefits and we have listed not only the perks that your armor may have but also codes just in case you use the console to change them.

How To Add Armor Perks? (Using Console)Calibrated Deep Mining Spacesuit

Keep in mind that using the console to add or remove a perk from an item may prevent you from completing achievements in the game.

Obtain the code of the item you want to alter by dropping it, opening the console, and selecting the item. (Make sure to scroll to make the term ARMO appear as this is the piece of armor)

To add or change a mod, you will need to use the following code: [ID code].amod [ID of mod]

An example of this would be “FF06935E.amod 000BE540” which will add the Sentinel armor perk to the Calibrated Deep Mining Spacesuit in the image. 

This will turn the item that we have obtained the code for into a Sentinel’s Calibrated Deep Mining Spacesuit. (It becomes a Rare Item)

How To Remove Armor Perks? (Using Console)Sentinel's Calibrated Deep Mining Spacesuit

To remove an Armor Perk from a certain item, obtain its code again by dropping it selecting it in the console, and input the following: [ID code].rmod [ID of mod]

An example of this for removing the perk in the image would be “FF069365.rmod 000BE540”, which will remove the Sentinel perk from the item.

You can do this to remove a certain perk that you do not want and replace it by adding one that you prefer to make the perfect set of perks for a single item.

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