Diablo 4 Chapter 4 Season Journey (Season 1)

In Season of the Malignant’s Chapter 4 of the Season Journey, you are set out to face even tougher challenges, which require you to progress a bit more.

This requires you to complete more difficult tasks as well as begin to obtain rare items and depending on which you find easier, you are on your way to the next chapter.

Before being able to progress though, you will need to spend a bit more time if you have previously skipped the campaign during the season.

Chapter 4 Season Journey of Season 1 D4

Chapter 4 Season Journey Objectives

The following are the objectives that may be completed in Chapter 4 of the Season Journey during Season of the Malignant:

1) Heartrender

Collect 10 Malignant Hearts.

Reward: Smaller Favor

2) A World Apart

Change the World Tier. (You can do this in Kyovashad)

Reward: Smaller Favor

3) Quelled Hatred

Purify 1000 Seeds of Hatred at an Altar of Extraction in the Fields of Hatred.

Reward: Smaller Favor

4) The Stuff of Legends

Collect Coiling Wards from salvaging Legendary Armor. (Events and Whispers Caches can reward this)

Reward: Smaller Favor

5) Gifts of the Ancients

Unlock 15 Aspects in the Codex by completing Dungeons.

Reward: Smaller Favor

6) The Father’s Gate

Complete the Cathedral of Light Dungeon to unlock the Nightmare World Tier.

Reward: Smaller Favor

7) Miracles of Alchemy

Craft 10 Elixirs at an Alchemist.

Reward: Smaller Favor

8) Legacy of Sanctuary

Equip a Legendary item in every slot.

Reward: Smaller Favor

9) A Legend at the Forge

Upgrade one item to Level 5 at a Blacksmith or Jeweler.

Reward: Smaller Favor

10) A Trail of Mighty Corpses

Kill 100 Elite Monsters.

Reward: Smaller Favor

11) Hardened by Battle

Reach Level 50.

Reward: Smaller Favor

12) Benevolent Wanderer

Complete 25 Priority or Side Quests in total.

Reward: Smaller Favor

Season Journey Chapter 4 Rewards

To complete Season Journey Chapter 4, you will need to complete at least 9 out of 12 objectives and will be rewarded with the following:

  • Greater Favor
  • Fourth Journey Cache
  • Earthquake Aspect
  • Lightning Dancer’s Aspect
  • Coldbringer’s Aspect
  • Umbrous Aspect
  • Gravitational Aspect


While some of these may be a bit easier, to complete the Season Journey Chapter, you will need to do some of the more difficult ones.

If you are still at a low level, you can easily complete most of these by hanging around in the Fields of Hatred and completing Whispers.

Since you do not need to complete all of the challenges, it is best to focus on what is easier for your current character to complete and come back for the rest.

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