How To Get Seeds of Hatred in Diablo 4

When you begin to explore Kehjistan and stumble upon the Fields of Hatred, you will notice that something is a little different about the area.

This is because you can obtain a currency called Seeds of Hatred in this location, which is later converted to be used as another currency in a nearby town.

Farming Seeds of Hatred can later result in you getting a lot of goodies, including cosmetics, equipment, and more once you have enough converted.

Seeds of Hatred D4

How To Get Seeds of Hatred?

Seeds of Hatred can be obtained by defeating enemies in the Fields of Hatred, which can be found right outside of Denshar in Kehjistan.

Not all enemies will drop Seeds of Hatred but every group tends to have one, especially if you kill elites that spawn in the area.

The more enemies you slay, the more Seeds of Hatred you can get and these simply need to be picked up by interacting with them.

What To Do With Seeds Of Hatred?

Seeds of Hatred will be stored on you if you remain within the Field of Hatred or in Denshar but leaving this area will remove them.

You will need these for later when you intend to extract them for Red Dust, which can be done at an Altar of Extraction. (Cleanse Seeds of Hatred)

It is best to be cautious with your Seeds of Hatred as dying will cause them to drop, which includes being killed by other players. (Bloodmarked players)

Fields of Hatred Farm Method

With the Fields of Hatred being the only location where you can get Seeds of Hatred, you will need to watch out for aggressive players who are Marked By Blood.

The rest becomes easier as all you need to do is kill a lot of enemies and one of the best ways is to lure several enemies and kill them altogether, especially with Skills that clear them fast.

Some enemies will be stronger than others, which means you need to be careful or else you can end up dying, which can cause you to lose them.

Focus on clearing out enemies as fast as you can and pick up any Seeds of Hatred that drop before using an Altar of Extraction.

Seeds of Hatred UsesInteract with Altar of Extraction

Seeds of Hatred are used at the Altar of Extraction, which will later turn them into Red Dust, a PVP currency used to buy certain items in Denshar.

Interacting with the Altar of Extraction will start the Purification Ritual event that lasts for 50 seconds, which requires you to stay in the area and survive being attacked by monsters.

Once the timer is up, the number of Seeds of Evil that you have will be converted into Red Dust and this will be added to your currency.

Mark For Blood

When in the Fields of Hatred, you have the option to become Bloodmarked, which allows you to attack other players and vice versa.

This will allow you to become Hatred’s Chosen, which will provide you with powerful rewards if you survive but this is forfeited once you leave the area or enter Denshar.

Becoming Bloodmark will allow you to kill players and steal their Seeds of Hatred, which is mainly the PVP function of the Field of Hatred.

Where to Spend Seeds of Hatred?Vendor (Unsavory Oddities)

There are several ways to spend Seeds of Hatred but first, you need to convert these to Red Dust as this is the currency used to make purchases.

Once you have Red Dust, you can purchase cosmetics, equipment, scrolls, and more from various shops located within Denshar.

The following are the shops and what they sell for Red Dust:

1) Dinara (Unsavory Oddities)

Dinara acts as a Purveyor of Curiosities except she sells her items for Red Dust instead of the standard Murmuring Obols.

You can purchase the following from Dinara:

  • Tunic (Chest Armor) – 3000 Red Dust
  • Gloves – 3000 Red Dust
  • Boots – 3000 Red Dust
  • Pants – 3000 Red Dust

2) Bakir (Unconventional Mount Armor)

Bakir acts as a vendor for various mount cosmetics, which include mount barding and cosmetic trophies that are only available with Red Dust.

You can purchase the following from Bakir:

  • Dark Knight’s Strongbox – 30,000 Red Dust
  • Cruel Assassin’s Saddlebag – 30,000 Red Dust
  • Brutal Wizard’s Standard – 30,000 Red Dust
  • Dark Knight’s Barding – 40,000 Red Dust
  • Cruel Assassin’s Barding – 40,000 Red Dust
  • Brutal Wizard’s Barding – 40,000 Red Dust
  • Bloody Warlord’s Warning – 75,000 Red Dust
  • Demonic Warlord’s Windchimes – 75,000 Red Dust
  • Bloody Warlord’s Barding – 85,000 Red Dust
  • Demonic Warlord’s Barding – 85,000 Red Dust
  • Reins of the Bloody Steed – 100,000 Red Dust

3) Salmin (Cursed Scroll)

Salmin is a vendor that sells cursed scrolls, which provide you with a certain bonus but also have a negative effect when used.

  • Cursed Scroll of Recklessness – 800 Red Dust
  • Cursed Scroll of Tranquility – 800 Red Dust
  • Cursed Scroll of Chaos – 1,200

4) Askar (Odds and Ends)

This vendor sells certain cosmetics that are native to the Fields of Hatred and form the Killer’s Set which consists of 5 costumes in total.

  • Killer’s Guise – 90,000
  • Killer’s Vest – 90,000
  • Killer’s Hands – 75,000
  • Killer’s Boots – 60,000
  • Killer’s Leggings – 75,000


It’s best to make sure that you are careful when you have a lot of Seeds of Hatred, especially if other players are in the area.

You can always return to town to rest up and refill your Healing Potions before attempting to obtain more Seeds of Hatred or extracting them.

Once you can slay several enemies, you can easily farm a lot of Seeds of Hatred and extract them for heaps of Red Dust.

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