Diablo 4 Battle of Fear and Faith Quest Walkthrough

You returned to the Magistrate’s office only to find that the place had been turned upside down and your new ally had gone missing.

After searching with clues and speaking with the Ancient Skull, you have found out that she has escaped to the Cathedral of Light.

As the fight with the Vampiric Lord Zir is soon to happen, you will need to join up with Erys again to see what needs to be done.

Battle of Fear and Faith (Season 2) Diablo 4 quest

Battle of Fear and Faith Objectives

As you set out to find Erys after you have finished clearing out some of the Blood Seekers, you will need to complete the following objectives during the quest:

  • Seek out Erys at the Cathedral of Light
  • Speak with Erys
  • Seek out and stop the Blood Harvest
  • Complete Chapter 3 of the Season Journey
  • Return to Erys in Ked Bardu
  • Speak with Erys

Battle of Fear and Faith Quest WalkthroughSpeaking with Erys

Erys will be missing and you will need to leave the Magistrate’s office in Ked Bardu to head to Kyovashad, where you will search for her.

Once you are at Kyovashad, head for the Cathedral of Light and you will find Erys in a crowd of people near the World Tier Statue.

She will recognize you and tell you to speak with her away from the crowd, which is where she reveals that Lord Zir’s army is slaughtering people.

Seeking out and stopping the Blood Harvest

After speaking with Erys, you will be on your way to stop the slaughtering, which is the Blood Harvest event that rotates during The Season of Blood.

You will need to defeat vampires and complete activities in areas where the Blood Harvest is present until the meter in the objectives has been filled.

Once the meter is filled, your next task will be to complete Chapter 3 of the Season Journey before returning to Erys and speaking with her.

Battle of Fear and Faith Quest Rewards

After searching for clues in the Magistrate’s office and speaking with the Ancient Skull that you have once again resurrected, the quest will be complete.

You will receive the following rewards for completing the Battle of Fear and Faith quest:


Thanks to your efforts, a large number of people have been saved from the Blood Harvest but more will take place, which requires you to put a stop to the Vampire Lord.

Erys was troubled by seeing the power that you have accumulated, which caused her to become distant from you but you were able to assure her of your control.

Now that you helped save civilians by stopping the attacks during the blood harvest, you may now focus on the Vampire Lord Zir.

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