Diablo 4 A Serpent Cornered Quest Walkthrough

After locating Erys at Kyovashad, you were asked to help out by culling one of the Blood Harvests, which had a great impact and saved many lives.

Erys has found a way to remove the barrier blocking your path to the Vampire Lord Zir and will meet up with you at the city of the ancients.

The time has now come for you to come face to face with this monster and deal a devastating blow to the vampiric presence in Sanctuary.

A Serpent Cornered (Season 2) quest Diablo 4

A Serpent Cornered Objectives

During this quest, you will need to complete the following objectives to find and defeat the Vampire Lord Zir at The Sanguine Throne:

  • Meet Erys at the City of the Ancients
  • Enter the City of the Ancients
  • Approach the City of the Ancients
  • Meet Erys at the Courts of Night
  • Speak with Erys
  • Enter the City of the Ancients
  • Fight through the city to reach Lord Zir
  • Slay all enemies
  • Seek out Lord Zir
  • Enter the City of the Ancients
  • Kill the Blood Seekers
  • Confront Lord Zir
  • Kill Lord Zir

A Serpent Cornered Quest Walkthrough

Erys will be waiting for you at the Court of Nights and you will need to make your way there by going through the City of the Ancients.

The location will be marked on your map and you will need to pass through The Darkened Way in Gale Valley to get there.

Once you arrive, you will need to fight your way through more vampiric enemies until you reach Erys and the two of you will continue from there.

Once you make it past the gate, you will have to fight through the city until you reach Lord Zir but he will have sent a blood orb that will continuously attack you.

Ignore the orb and continue making your way through the enemies until you find a room blocked by mist, which requires you to clear all the enemies in the area.

Along with the enemies that you need to slay will be a group of 3 Blood Seekers, who need to be slain to remove the mist barrier.

Once the group of Blood Seekers has been taken care of, proceed by fighting through the city again and you will encounter another group.

Clear out the group and make your way to The Sanguine Throne, which is where you will need to interact with the pool of blood at the end.

After interacting with The Sanguine Throne, the Vampire Lord Zir will appear and descend into the pool only to reemerge as an abomination that you now need to fight.

Now that Lord Zir has appeared, you will need to fight him by attacking him while avoiding his abilities, which mostly involve summoning enemies and manipulating blood.

Stay away from the blood puddles as these can kill you instantly and make use of your dodge to get behind him during the fight.

Once you have depleted his health, he will collapse to the ground and die, which also causes loot to drop from his body. (Quest ends here)

A Serpent Cornered Quest Rewards

Once you have fought and slain the Vampire Lord Zir, A Serpent Cornered will be complete and you will receive a quest called In Your Blood.

You will receive the following rewards for completing the A Serpent Cornered quest:

  • Lord Zir’s Amulet (Rare Amulet)
  • Metamorphosis (Vampiric Power)
  • Pact of Ferocity
  • Pact of Eternity
  • XP
  • Gold


You have finally found a way into The Sanguine Throne where you have now defeated the Vampire Lord Zir but it seems his minions still roam Sanctuary.

It is time for you to head back to Erys to see what she has to say and figure out what will come next now that Lord Zir has been taken out of the picture.

Even without Lord Zir, his minions still roam the land and it may not be long before another villain rises to replace him.

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