Diablo 4 In Your Blood Quest Walkthrough

The Vampire Lord Zir has been slain, which has left the vampires in Sanctuary scrambled until a new successor rises from their ranks.

For now, it’s time for you to head back to the Magistrate’s office where you first met the Hunter Erys, and speak to her about what comes next.

You will need to leave the City of the Ancients and make your way back to Ked Bardu and speak to Erys now that Lord Zir is no more.

In Your Blood (Season 2) quest Diablo 4

In Your Blood Objectives

In Your Blood is a conclusion to The Season of Blood questline, which has you speak to Erys for the last time by doing the following objectives:

  • Return to Erys
  • Speak with Erys

In Your Blood Quest WalkthroughSpeaking with Erys inside the Magistrate’s office

The quest starts with you finally slaying Lord Zir and afterward, you will need to go to Ked Bardu and make your way to the Magistrate’s office.

Once you reach the office, head inside and speak with Erys and she will give you a few final words, which is also where she reveals that there is more to do.

This will conclude the questline for the seasonal quest, which has Erys set off to hunt more vampires and you left to deal with those that remain in Sanctuary.

In Your Blood Quest Rewards

After making your way back to Ked Bardu and speaking to Erys in the Magistrate’s office, the quest as well as the story for Season 2 will be complete.

You will receive the following rewards for completing the In Your Blood quest:

  • Hunter’s Gloves (Rare Gloves)
  • 3x Cleansing Acid – All
  • XP
  • Gold


The Vampiric Lord Zir has been taken care of but a mass of vampires roaming throughout Sanctuary are left unchecked and need to be fought.

While their master is gone, it is only a matter of time before one of the Blood Seekers or other high-ranking vampires steps up to take the throne.

For now, Erys will continue hunting these creatures of the night and you are left to make use of your Vampiric Power until the effects of your bite wear off.

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