How to Unlock Vampiric Powers in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 The Season of Blood (Season 2) has introduced a new feature to the game that is exclusive to this current season, Vampiric Powers.

These become active once you progress a bit in the season and are the effect of your being bitten by an Accursed Bat, causing you to gain new powers.

This provides players with the Vampiric Powers tab in their inventory, where they can acquire, equip, and upgrade different abilities.

Vampiric Powers (Season 2 - Season of Blood) Diablo 4

How To Get Vampiric Powers?

Vampiric Powers are obtained as you progress throughout the main quest in The Season of Blood, which is where you are set on a course to hunt down the Vampire Lord Zir.

As you progress through the quests, you will be able to obtain certain Vampiric Powers as a reward for some of the seasonal quests.

The other Vampiric Powers may be obtained by completing Seasonal Quests, participating in the Blood Harvest and using Potent Blood.

How To Unlock Vampiric Powers?Unlocking Vampiric Powers

For some of the Vampiric Powers, unlocking can be done with the use of Potent Blood, which can be obtained throughout Season 2.

To unlock Vampiric Powers or to upgrade ones that you have already unlocked, you may open your inventory and select the tab there.

Once the tab is opened, select the option to spend 25 Potent Blood and you will have the option to choose between 3 Vampiric Powers.

Powers that have not been acquired may be unlocked in this manner while those that have already been unlocked can be upgraded at the cost of Potent Blood.

Upgrading a Vampiric Power will improve its effects, making this important to spend Potent Blood on the 5 powers you have decided to stick with.

For a list of all Vampiric Powers and how to obtain them, check out our guide HERE.

How To Get Potent Blood?

Potent Blood is obtained during The Season of Blood, which can be by opening Potent Blood Caches that you may get as rewards or by exploring areas when the Blood Harvest is active.

The Blood Harvest is one of your best bets when it comes to getting more Potent Blood as there are many activities to do and enemies to slay to get your and a lot.

Blood Harvest zones will always be active, and you can relocate to each one whenever it moves, which often happens in an hour.

How To Pacts Work?Pacts functioning

When it comes to Vampiric Powers, there are certain pacts required for them to function and these are provided by the armor that you wear.

Different pieces of armor have different pacts, and these may even be modified with the use of items such as the Pact of Eternity, Pact of Ferocity, and Pact of Divinity.

Without enough pacts, not all your Vampiric Powers will function, which makes it important to check before swapping armor or altering them to supply enough pacts.

You may also remove pacts from different pieces of armor with Cleansing Acid, which will allow you to apply new pacts to the pieces of armor. (Best saved for the late game)


Vampiric Powers are one of the best features added to The Season of Blood as these help players quickly progress through the game, allowing you to reap the seasonal rewards.

It’s best to pick a set of your favorite Vampiric Powers and equip them so you can focus on upgrading them when you have enough Potent Blood.

Different builds may benefit from what Vampiric Powers you have equipped with and eventually, you will be able to mix and match to create an unstoppable build for this season.

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