Diablo 4 Wolves at the Door Quest Walkthrough

After taking out all of the Blood Seekers listed in a tome, you are now set to find the Hunter Erys in Ked Bardu to see if she was able to prepare for the ritual.

This ritual is supposed to take down the barrier on the door that you first attempted to enter through the Blood Portal that was opened by the Ancient Skull.

Upon making your way back to Ked Bardu, you realize that more has happened and the vampires you are hunting have begun to hunt you as well.

Wolves at the Door (Season 2) quest Diablo 4

Wolves at the Door Objectives

Wolves at the Door is a short quest in The Season of Blood questline that has you returning to the Magistrate’s office, which has you tackle the following objectives:

  • Return to Erys in Ked Bardu
  • Speak with Erys
  • Survive the ambush
  • Search for signs of Erys
  • Set the Elegant Basin upright
  • Retrieve the Skull
  • Place the Skull back in the Elegant Basin
  • Provide your own blood to animate the Skull
  • Speak with the Skull

Wolves at the Door Quest WalkthroughSurviving the ambush

After you have killed all of the Blood Seekers from the list, you need to head back to Ked Bardu to speak with Erys but once you enter the office, she is no longer there.

Instead of Erys, you will find that the Magistrate’s office has been ransacked and you will need to defeat all of the enemies inside of the office.

Once the office is clear of enemies, you may start searching for clues in the area that may reveal where Erys has gone in your absence.

Providing the own blood to animate the Skull

You will need to interact with the Yellowed Scroll on the ground and the Scribbled Notes on the table, which are both marked on your map.

After checking the clues, head towards the Elegant Basin and you will have to interact with it before taking the Profane Vampire Skull and placing it back.

Interact with it again to provide your blood, which will bring it to life and the Ancient Skull will begin to tell you what has happened. (Quest ends here)

Wolves at the Door Quest Rewards

After searching for clues in the Magistrate’s office and speaking with the Ancient Skull that you have once again resurrected, the quest will be complete.

You will receive the following rewards for completing the Wolves at the Door quest:

  • Vampiric Assassin’s Dagger (Rare Dagger)
  • Potent Blood Cache
  • XP
  • Gold


You return to the Magistrate’s office only to find an ambush and no sign of your ally but the Ancient Skull has once again proven useful.

It has been revealed that the Hunter Erys has rushed off to the Cathedral of Light and did not take any time to wait for you to arrive.

This may be good for a reason as it means she didn’t get ambushed but with the power growing within you, she has started to become fearful of what you will become.

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