Diablo 4 Beckoning Thirst Quest Walkthrough

After bringing an Ancient Skull back to life, the entity revealed where you could find Lord Zir but you and Erys are not ready to go through with this.

A list of Blood Seekers was revealed to you in the previous quest, which now has you set on searching for Lord Zir’s forces to destroy them and weaken him.

You will need to find each of the vampires from the list and kill them before returning to Erys, who is preparing for a ritual that will allow you to pursue Lord Zir.

Beckoning Thirst (season 2) quest Diablo 4

Beckoning Thirst Objectives

During the Beckoning Thirst quest, you will need to slay a list of Blood Seekers (in any order) before you can continue your pursuit of the Vampire Lord Zir:

  • Slay Norwalc
  • Slay Chaz’bak
  • Slay Vyzviana
  • Slay Addrine
  • Slay Togna

Beckoning Thirst Quest WalkthroughDefeating the Blood Seekers in their dungeons

This quest is straightforward as all you need to do is head to each location marked on your map to find the Blood Seekers and kill them.

Proceed by making your way to each of the locations, entering their dungeons, and defeating the Blood Seekers that have been lost. (This does not require that you finish the dungeon)

The following are the Blood Seekers and their locations:

  • Norwalc – Sunken Library (Amber Sands, Kehjistan)
  • Chaz’bak – Kor Dragan Barracks (Sarkova Pass, Fractured Peaks)
  • Vyzviana – Heathen’s Keep (Dismal Foothills, Hawezar)
  • Addrine and Togna – Carrion Fields (Scarred Coast, Dry Steppes)

Norwalc, Chaz’bak, and Vyzviana are all in separate dungeons while Addrine and Togna can both be found in the Carrions fields.

This requires that you defeat 5 Blood Seekers in total across 4 different dungeons that can be found throughout Sanctuary.

Defeating the last Blood Seeker regardless of what order you target them in will result in the quest being complete.

Beckoning Thirst Quest Rewards

Once you have tracked down and slain all 5 of the Blood Seekers on the list, the Beckoning Thirst quest will be complete, and the Wolves at the Door quest will begin.

You will receive the following rewards for completing the Beckoning Thirst quest:


Thanks to the Tome that Erys had granted you access to, you were able to track down each of the Blood Seekers and kill them.

This has not only weakened the Vampire Lord Zir but it has also made you stronger and this is something that has begun to create fear in Erys.

Now that you have cleaned out the list from the Tome, it is time for you to head back to Erys to see what she has come up with.

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