Diablo 4 A Witness in the Dust Quest Walkthrough

After tracking down the Magistrate, he ended up being killed by the Vampire Lord Zir’s minions for not being able to complete his tasks.

You met with the Vampiric Lord through an apparition and found out that he is bent on continuing his plans, which include taking control of or killing you.

The Hunter Erys has come up with a plan to find the remains of a vampire who existed during the time of the Vampire Lord, who may be revived to be your new lead.

A Witness in the Dust (Season 2) Diablo 4 quest

A Witness in the Dust Objectives

During this quest, you will need to complete these steps to find an entity that can be your new lead to learning more about the Vampiric Lord Zir and how to stop him:

  • Enter the Fetid Mausoleum with Erys
  • Acquire the Profane Vampire Skull
  • Complete Chapter 2 of the Season Journey
  • Return to Erys in Ked Bardu
  • Place The Skull in the Basin
  • Release Blood Well’s valve
  • Speak with Erys
  • Travel through the Blood Portal
  • Investigate the Veiled Gate
  • Slay the vampire
  • Return through the Blood Portal
  • Speak with Erys
  • Examine Erys’ Tome

A Witness in the Dust Quest WalkthroughEntering the Fetid Mausoleum with Erys

The quest begins with you making your way to The Writhing Mire in Hawezar as you will need to go to the Fetid Mausoleum to enter it with Erys.

Upon entering the Fetid Mausoleum, Erys will already be inside and will join you as you search for a Profane Vampire Skull to bring back.

You will need to explore the Fetid Mausoleum until you reach an area marked by the quest, which is where you will find a Coffin.

Acquiring the Profane Vampire Skull

Interact with the Coffin and this will cause it to drop the Profane Vampire Skull and other loot, which you will need to collect.

Once you have obtained the Profane Vampire Skull, your next step will be to complete Chapter 2 of the Season Journey.

After completing the second chapter of the Season Journey, make your way back to Erys in Ked Bardu to bring the skull to life.

Releasing Blood Well’s valve

Head back into the Magistrate’s office and Erys will instruct you on what you need to do with the skull, which eventually brings it to life.

This requires that you place the skull in the basin, release the Blood Well’s valve, and speak to her afterward once the vampire skull begins speaking.

The Ancient Skull will reveal that he hates Lord Zir and will open up a portal so that you can find and kill the Vampiric Lord.

Slaying the vampire

Enter the portal and you will find the entrance to where Lord Zir is but this will be protected by a barrier that you cannot simply dispel.

A vampire will appear and begin to attack you, whom you must defeat before returning through the portal to return to the Magistrate’s office.

Erys tells you that a unique ritual is needed to take down the barrier but in the meantime, you will need to gain power, which requires you to kill Lord Zir’s forces.

Hunter Erys will have a tome nearby that has a list of the other Blood Seekers that you will have to track down and kill, which you need to interact with to complete the quest.

A Witness in the Dust Quest Rewards

After bringing the Ancient Skull to life and checking the Tome containing a list of Lord Zir’s Blood Seekers, the quest will be complete, which begins the Beckoning Thirst quest.

You will receive the following rewards for completing A Witness in the Dust quest:


The Profane Vampire Skull you obtained was resurrected in a certain manner, providing you with a talkative Ancient Skull that appears to hate Lord Zir.

You have been shown the way to where the Vampire Lord may be found but you and Erys are not ready to breach the door blocking the way.

As Erys begins to make her preparations for a ritual, you will need to grow your power and reduce Lord Zir’s forces by hunting them down.

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