Diablo 4 Summons of the Deathless Quest Walkthrough

Making your way back to the Magistrate’s office led to an ambush but you also met a potential ally who fought with you against the vampires.

It has been discovered that you have been bitten by a creature and this should have led to you turning into a mindless slave but things are different.

You have now joined the Hunter Erys and the two of you are to make your way to the Tomb of Hallows to learn more about the Magistrate’s part in all of this.

Diablo 4 Summons of the Deathless (Season 2) quest

Summons of the Deathless Objectives

After finding clues about Magistrate Oren and the vampiric cult that he is involved with, the following objectives need to be completed during this quest:

  • Meet Erys at the Tomb of Hallows
  • Search for Magistrate Oren
  • Slay the vampires
  • Investigate the area for a lead on the vampire cult
  • Explore Hallows’ End
  • Speak with the Apparition
  • Fight off the Vampire Lord’s minions
  • Complete Chapter 1 of the Season Journey
  • Meet with Erys in Ked Bardu
  • Speak with Erys

Summons of the Deathless Quest WalkthroughMeeting Erys at the Tomb of Hallows

Now that you and the Hunter Erys are working together, the two of you will need to meet at the Tomb of Hallows (marked on your map) at the Amber Sands in Kehjistan.

Head over to the tomb and Erys will be waiting, which later results in the two of you going inside to search for more clues.

Continue making your way through the tomb to search for the Magistrate by fighting your way through the vampires inside and you will eventually find him.

Searching for Magistrate Oren

You will find Magistrate Oren surrounded by vampires and he is executed just moments before begging for another chance from someone he is calling his master.

The Magistrate is killed and you are left to fend off the remaining vampires before you will speak with Erys about what has happened.

After speaking with Erys, there will be 3 clues in the area that you need to interact with and they will be marked on the map.

Speaking with the Apparition

Interact with the Bloody Cages and Casks, Shipping Manifest, and Dislodged Statue to open up a hidden path inside of the tomb.

Once the path has been opened, you will need to continue exploring the tomb while the mysterious voice continues to speak to you.

At the end of the path, you will reach an apparition who appears to be a silhouette of the Vampire Lord Zir, whom you will now have a conversation with.

Speaking with Erys

After speaking with the apparition, minions will arrive to attack you and they must be defeated before you can continue with the quest.

The remainder of the quest requires that you complete Chapter 1 of the Season Journey of The Season of Blood.

Upon completing Chapter 1, head back to Ked Bardu and speak with Erys, who is currently giving instructions to other vampire hunters. (Quest ends here)

Summons of the Deathless Quest Rewards

Once you return to Erys after completing Chapter 1 and have spoken with her, the Summons of the Deathless quest will be complete.

You will receive the following rewards for completing Summons of the Deathless quest:

  • Pact of Ferocity
  • Magistrate’s Ring (Magic Ring)
  • XP
  • Gold


It turns out that the Magistrate was part of a vampiric cult that serves the Vampire Lord Zir but things didn’t go so well for him as he failed to provide what was needed.

You were able to encounter an apparition of the Vampire Lord Zir and it seems like he is bent on continuing with his spree regardless of being able to control you.

With the Magistrate now dead, you and Erys now need to find a new lead that can help you locate the Vampire Lord.

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