Diablo 4 The Hunter’s Chase Quest Walkthrough

After previously exploring the Wayward Cave, you were bitten by a strange creature and began to hear a sinister voice claiming you as their own.

You were sent by the Magistrate and will need to head back to them to figure out what is going on but returning to their office may reveal something different.

It seems that new creatures have arrived in Sanctuary and along with them, a group of new hunters who may be able to reveal the truth about things.

The Hunter's Chase Diablo 4 (Season 2) quest

The Hunter’s Chase Objectives

You will need to complete the following objectives during The Hunter’s Chase, which reveals later reveals what the Magistrate has been up to:

  • Speak with the Magistrate in Ked Bardu
  • Search for Magistrate Oren
  • Fight off the ambush
  • Speak with the stranger
  • Search for Clues
  • Speak to Erys
  • Equip a Vampiric Power

The Hunter’s Chase Quest Walkthrough

Starting from the Wayward Cave, make your way back to Ked Bardu (Fast Travel) and head back into the Magistrate’s office to search for them.

You will meet a stranger there and both of you will be ambushed by vampires, which requires that you fight them all until none remain.

Upon speaking with the stranger, you will find out that you were not the only victim of the Magistrate as it seems he has been sending adventurers into a trap.

After speaking with Erys, you will need to search for clues and interact with them (they will be marked on your map) to find out what is happening.

You will need to interact with the Crude Journal and the Crumpled Note, which confirms that others have already been taken while Erys realizes you have been bitten.

Before the quest ends, you will need to equip a Vampiric Power, which you can do by opening the Vampiric Powers menu that you can access from your inventory. (Quest ends here)

The Hunter’s Chase Quest Rewards

After speaking with Erys and equipping your first Vampiric Power, The Hunter’s Chase will be complete and you get the Summons of the Deathless quest.

You will receive the following rewards for completing The Hunter’s Chase quest:

  • Potent Blood Cache
  • XP
  • Gold


The bite that you received from the Accursed Bat infected you in a certain manner and upon reaching the Magistrate’s office, you were ambushed.

Erys is a hunter who knows what is going on but realizes that the bite has not affected you the way it does others and decides to bring you with her.

Now with your newfound ally, you will need to head to the Tomb of Hallows to track down Magistrate Oren and confront him.

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