Diablo 4 Blood Money Quest Walkthrough

The Season of Blood has arrived, and it looks like something seems amiss, which now leads you to speak to the Magistrate in Ked Bardu.

People have started to go missing, and this is most likely tied to the monsters who lurk around during the night, the vampires.

You will need to head over to the Magistrate’s Office to find out what is going on and see if you can provide them with assistance.

Blood Money Diablo 4 (Season 2 quest)

Blood Money Objectives

The following are the objectives that you will need to complete as you discover what new enemy has started preying on the innocents in Sanctuary:

  • Read the notice from the Magistrate
  • Visit the Magistrate’s office in Ked Bardu
  • Look for the merchant in Vasily’s Reach
  • Enter the Wayside Cave
  • Explore the Wayside Cave
  • Defeat the vampires
  • Examine the Opulent Coffin
  • Survive the attack
  • Speak with the Magistrate in Ked Bardu

Blood Money Quest WalkthroughInteracting with the Magistrate’s Office in Ked Bardu

Once you start a new character in The Season of the Blood, you will already have started the Blood Money quest and will first need to head to the notice board.

There will be a notice from the Magistrate that you need to read from the board and afterward, you will need to go inside the Magistrate’s office to speak with them.

The entrance to the Magistrate’s office will be to the side of the building and once you head inside, you will have to speak to Magistrate Oren.

Wayside Cave in the Vasily’s Reach

You will learn people have started to become afraid of leaving the gates of Ked Bardu and he tells you where the last caravan went missing.

After speaking to the Magistrate, head over to Vasily’s Reach, which will be marked on your map and reachable by heading north of Ked Bardu.

Once you reach the area, you will find the Wayside Cave, which you will need to go inside and explore as you search for the merchant.

Fighting with the vampires inside the Wayside Cave

Inside the Wayside Cave, you will need to defeat the vampires and interact with the Opulent Chest, which later causes an Accursed Bat to attack you.

The Accursed Bat will wrap its wings around you and take a bite before you are ambushed by even more vampires inside the cave.

After clearing out the remaining enemies, you will be wondering what has happened and will need to start making your way back to the Magistrate.

Blood Money Quest Rewards

Once all enemies in the Wayward Cave have been cleared out, the quest will be complete, and a new quest called The Hunter’s Chase will begin.

You will receive the following rewards for completing the Blood Money quest:


It seems fishy that suddenly, the Magistrate would send you off to search for a merchant, which would lead you to a mysterious cave instead.

The Opulent Coffin had nothing in it, but a bit of loot and you were surprisingly attacked by a strange creature, which led to you being bitten.

The bite seems to have changed something and your only option for now is to see the Magistrate to find out what is going on.

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