Aspect of Potent Blood (Location, How to Get & Effects): Diablo 4

Necromancers can often create Blood Orbs when fighting enemies, which provide them with the ability to heal themselves.

These go to waste if you are already in full health unless you have the Aspect of Potent Blood, which finds another use for them.

With the Aspect of Potent Blood, Necromancers can continue to collect Blood Orbs and they will be converted into Essence when you don’t need to heal.

Aspect of Potent Blood

Aspect of Potent Blood Effects (Essence Aspect)

With the Aspect of Potent Blood imprinted on one of your items, you will be able to collect Blood Orbs to restore your essence.

Blood Orbs will restore a certain amount of Essence when you collect them if your health is already full, providing them with another benefit.

This makes it easy for you to keep your Essence up as long as you are in full health, allowing you to cast skills more often.

Aspect of Potent Blood LocationAspect of Potent Blood is found in the Accursed Wastes to the east of Qara Yisu (Dry Steppes)

You can unlock the Aspect of Potent Blood by completing the Betrayer’s Row Dungeon, which can be found in The Accursed Wastes to the east of Qara Yisu. (Dry Steppes)

How To Get Aspect of Potent Blood? (Betrayer’s Row Walkthrough)Defeating Scourge of the Land in the Betrayer’s Row Dungeon

Venturing into Betrayer’s Row will have you starting in the Desolate Outskirts, which eventually has you facing off against Scourge of the Land in the Ashen Arena.

  • Return the Bloodstone to the Pedestal
  • Travel to Betrayer’s End
  • Collect Animus from Animus Carriers
  • Deposit Animus into the Animus Urn
  • Defeat Scourge of the Land

You will be able to access the Ashen Arena after depositing Animus into an Animus Earn, allowing you to fight Scourge of the Land.


The Aspect of Potent Blood is common in Necromancer Blood Builds as the various Blood Skills allow you to create Blood Orbs when in battle.

Since you can avoid taking damage by attacking from afar, you will often be able to replenish Essence instead of needed Blood Orbs for health.

This can be a big deal when it comes to fighting enemies since your other skills will require Essence to be cast often.

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