How to Defeat Chief Marauder in Diablo 4

The Chief Marauder is a large bandit that you encounter in certain dungeons, who wields a large axe and attacks similarly to a Barbarian.

This boss attacks you with powerful strikes that are capable of knocking you back and will chase after you relentlessly during the fight.

Defeating the Chief Marauder provides loot as well as an Aspect depending on what dungeon you encounter him in.

Chief Marauder Boss Diablo 4

Chief Marauder Location

You may encounter the Chief Marauder as the final boss in the following dungeons and will need to defeat him:

Chief Marauder Fight (Attacks)

The Chief Marauder will follow you around and casually unleash powerful attacks until you have reduced his health to a certain point. (50% and below)

Once the Chief Marauder has sustained enough damage, he will begin to be more aggressive, which causes him to chain his attacks to perform combos.

1) Great Cleave

A power cleave that the Chief Marauder performs, that can knock you back a short distance and deal a great deal of damage.

2) Leaping Slam

This causes the Chief Marauder to leap into the air and slam the ground, dealing damage in a small area of impact.

3) Shockwave Slams

After performing a battle cry, the Chief Marauder slams the ground, causing small waves to spread out, dealing damage for each one that hits.

4) Spinning Slash

The Chief Marauder performs a spinning attack that deals damage to an area around him, even hitting you if you are behind him.

Chief Marauder Strategy

The best way to take out the Chief Marauder is to attack him as much as possible while reserving your evade skill for when he leaps or is about to perform a Shockwave Slam.

It is best to move around when he is performing his slams as these project forward and shockwaves come from the sides of a fissure.

Keep your health up while fighting the Chief Marauder just in case he performs a powerful attack as these can sometimes deal a large amount of damage to you.

Chief Marauder Drops

Defeating the Chief Marauder can result in him dropping around 1 to 3 different items which will have different rarities based on your level.

Aside from the loot that the Chief Marauder drops, defeating him will also unlock an Aspect based on the dungeon you encounter him in.

The following are the different Aspects that you can get from dealing with the Chief Marauder:

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