Shepherd’s Aspect (How to Get, Location & Effects): Diablo 4

Druids are known to command the power of nature but they also have Companions as well, which help them fight against the evil forces in Sanctuary.

Companions on their own are useful but there is more that Druids can benefit from by having them, which can happen with the Shepherd’s Aspect.

The Shepherd’s Aspect provides Druids with additional Core Skills damage based on how many active Companions they have.

Shepherd's Aspect

Shepherd’s Aspect Effects (Companion Aspect)

With an item that has been imprinted with the Shepherd’s Aspect, Core Skills will deal an additional percentage of damage for each Companion.

This means that with more Companions on the Druid’s side, their Core Skills will be able to deal more damage to enemies.

Aside from having their abilities, passives, and more, Companions will now be able to further improve the Druid’s damage with this Aspect as long as they are active.

Shepherd’s Aspect LocationShepherd's Aspect is located in the Untamed Scarps to the east of the Hidden Overlook

The Shepherd’s Aspect can be unlocked by completing the Bloodsoaked Crag, which can be found in the Untamed Scarps to the east of the Hidden Overlook. (Dry Steppes)

How To Get Shepherd’s Aspect? (Bloodsoaked Crag Walkthrough)Defeating the Chief Marauder in the Bloodsoaked Crag

The Bloodsoaked Crag is a path that has you traveling through the Bloodied Plateau where you eventually reach the Flesh Pit, where you encounter the Chief Marauder. 

  • Free Prisoners (6)
  • Slay the Hell Drinkers
  • Travel to the Vile Encampment
  • Collect Animus from Animus Carriers
  • Deposit Animus into the Animus Urn
  • Defeat the Chief Marauder

After you have deposited the Animus, not the Animus Urn, a path will be opened to the Flesh Pit, where you will fight Chief Marauder.


Druids can do a lot of damage on their own and their Companions can be a big help but the addition of the Shepherd’s Aspect makes things even better.

As long as you have Companions alive and fighting alongside you, the Core Skills that you use will have additional damage.

The additional damage will be reduced if a Companion has been slain but will return once they respawn and are by your side once more.

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