Splintering Aspect (How to Get, Location & Effects): Diablo 4

Bone Spear has been a popular Necromancer skill ever since the previous titles and it gets even better this time since it can be altered.

One of the best additions is the Splintering Aspect, which gives the Bone Spear Skill a way to make more enemies vulnerable and deal more damage to them.

The Splintering Aspect causes the Bone Spear’s initial damage to hit more than one target vulnerable as well as causing Bone Shards to deal more damage to them.

Splintering Aspect

Splintering Aspect Effects (Bone Spear Aspect)

The Splintering Aspect modifies Bone Spear so that its primary attack makes enemies that are hit beyond the first target become vulnerable.

Additionally, Bone Shards that result from using the Bone Spear skill will deal a percentage of increased damage to vulnerable enemies.

This goes well with the Bone Spear’s Supernatural Bone Spear upgrade as it can make more enemies vulnerable but it is also useful for Paranormal Bone Spear.

Splintering Aspect LocationSplintering Aspect is found in the Hidden Outlook (Dry Steppes)

The Splintering Aspect can be unlocked after you have completed a run of the Guulrahn Slums, which can be found in the Hidden Outlook. (Dry Steppes)

How To Get Splintering Aspect? (Guulrahn Slums Walkthrough)Defeating the Resurrected Malice in the Guulrahn Slums

The Guulrahn Slums has you infiltrating the Sanguine Alley where you will continue making your way into the Forlorn Sells to search for the Torture Chamber to find the Resurrected Malice.

  • Free Prisoners (6)
  • Slay the Possessed Brute and collect the Jail Key
  • Travel to the Forlorn Cells
  • Use the Jail Key to open the Rusty Jail Door
  • Slay all enemies in the Forlorn Cells
  • Travel to the Torture Chamber
  • Defeat the Resurrected Malice

After you have slain the enemies in the Forlorn Cells, you will be able to access the path heading to the Torture Chamber, where the Resurrected Malice awaits you.


Since Bone Spear is mainly seen as a skill that prioritizes the first target, the Splintering Aspect allows you to focus on groups of enemies.

The ability to make multiple enemies vulnerable is a huge benefit in a fight and the addition of the Bone Shards can help you clear out more than one enemy at a time.

Most Necromancer Bone Builds will tend to use this if they focus on using Bone Spear often, which is a good strategy for kiting enemies at higher levels.

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