Aspect of Singed Extremities (How to Get, Location & Aspects): Diablo 4

Immobilize can be effective against enemies that you encounter when you travel Sanctuary and the Sorcerer has skills that can inflict this upon them.

Enemies who have been Immobilized by a Sorcerer can be subject to additional effects with the Aspect of Singed Extremities.

With the Aspect of Singed Extremities, enemies who have been mobilized will be slowed for a short duration after being able to move again.

Aspect of Singed Extremities

Aspect of Singed Extremities Effects (Immobilize Aspect)

An item that has been imprinted with the Aspect of Singed Extremities will cause enemies that you have Immobilized to be slowed by a certain percentage for 4 seconds.

This takes effect right after the enemies can move again and the additional slow will provide you with a good way to get away from them.

Not only will this allow you to escape, but enemies that are slowed will also be susceptible to other effects that trigger when you target enemies who are affected by Crowd Control.

Aspect of Singed Extremities LocationAspect of Singed Extremities is found in the Hawezar

The Aspect of Singed Extremities can be unlocked by completing a dungeon called Earthen Wound, which can be found in Hawezar.

The Earthen Wound Dungeon can be found in the Umir Plateau and is located west of Zarbinzet, which should be only a few seconds away from the town.

How To Get Aspect of Singed Extremities? (Earthen Wound Walkthrough)Fighting with the Chief Marauder in the Earthen Wound

The Ruins of Eridu will have you traveling from the Broken Tunnels to the Bleeding Pit, where you will run into a Chief Marauder.

  • Destroy the Corpse Gate
  • Travel to the Festering Ruins
  • Collect Animus from Animus Carriers
  • Deposit Animus into the Animus Urn
  • Defeat the Chief Marauder

Once you have deposited the Animus into the Animus Urn, a barrier will disappear and you can continue making your way to the Chief Marauder, who you need to defeat.


You can affect enemies in several ways depending on what skills you use and some may wonder how to Immobilize with a Sorcerer but there are some ways they can do this.

Some examples of how a Sorcerer can Immobilize enemies are with Incinerate (Greater Incinerate), Meteor (Wizard’s Meteor, Aspect of Binding Embers, and more.

As long as you Immobilize an enemy while having the Aspect of Singed Extremities, enemies will be slowed once they move again.

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