Unyielding Commander’s Aspect (How to Get, Location & Effects): Diablo 4

The Necromancer’s Army of the Dead Skill is capable of dealing a good amount of damage to enemies but your minions can later benefit every time you use it.

With the Unyielding Commander’s Aspect, your minions gain a buff that provides them with faster attack speed and reduced damage.

This allows you to boost the efficiency of your minions while your enemies are taking damage from the Army of the Dead Skill.

Unyielding Commander’s Aspect

Unyielding Commander’s Aspect Effects (Army of the Dead Aspect)

The Unyielding Commander’s Aspect provides your minions with a percentage of increased attack speed when you use the Army of the Dead Skill.

They will also gain a fixed 90% amount of reduced damage, making them almost unkillable while the Army of the Dead Skill is active.

This not only allows you to deal more damage because of their faster attacks, but the reduced damage they take also allows them to fight beside you longer, even against tougher enemies.

Unyielding Commander’s Aspect LocationUnyielding Commander’s Aspect can be found on the Forsaken Coast (Hawezar)

The Unyielding Commander’s Aspect can be unlocked by completing the Faceless Shrine Dungeon, which can be found on the Forsaken Coast. (Hawezar)

You can reach the Faceless Shrine by heading west from Backwater and will need to defeat the boss at the end to unlock the Aspect in your Codex.

How To Get Unyielding Commander’s Aspect? (Faceless Shrine Walkthrough)Fighting with the Mother’s Judgement in the Belfry Zakara

Once you are in the Faceless Shrine, you will need to fight your way from the halls of Subjection to the Altar of the Faceless, where the Mother’s Judgement will be waiting.

  • Free Prisoners (5)
  • Travel to the Chamber of Purging
  • Destroy the Blood Obelisk (3)
  • Travel to the Altar of the Faceless
  • Defeat the Mother’s Judgement

Once you reach Altar of the Faceless, you will encounter the Mother’s Judgement and will need to defeat her to complete the dungeon.


The Unyielding Commander’s Aspect is great for Necromancer Minion Builds as well as other builds that make use of Minions in battle.

This becomes useful when you are fighting bosses as your Minions won’t be easily killed and this allows them to distract the bosses.

Since the percentage of the attack speed boost can vary, you can later take advantage of the damage capabilities of their attacks per second at higher levels. 

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