Earthstriker’s Aspect (Location, How to Get & Effects): Diablo 4

Barbarians utilize multiple weapons when it comes to slaying their foes, making them adept with multiple weapons for using their different skills.

Each skill that a Barbarian uses may use a different weapon, which may also be selected for the skill and this is swapped depending on what attack you do.

With the Earthstriker’s Aspect, Barbarians can deal a large amount of damage to enemies after swapping weapons multiple times.

Earthstriker’s Aspect

Earthstriker’s Aspect Effects (Overpower Aspect)

With the Earthstriker’s Aspect equipped, your next attack will Overpower your target, dealing a large amount of damage to them when it hits.

Additionally, the Overpowered attack will deal an increased percentage of damage based on your level and the quality of the imprint that scales as you get stronger.

This allows Barbarians who tend to swap between weapons to often deal Overpowered attacks to their enemies in a fight as long as their weapons are swapped.

Earthstriker’s Aspect LocationEarthstriker’s Aspect can be unlocked by completing the Maugan’s Works Dungeon

You can unlock the Earthstriker’s Aspect by completing the Maugan’s Works Dungeon, which can be found in Hawezar.

Maugan’s Works can be reached by heading south from the Ruins of Rakhat or by heading north from Vyeresz.

How To Get Earthstriker’s Aspect? (Maugan’s Works Walkthrough)Fighting with the Knight Council in the Maugan’s Works

Maugan’s Works begins with you fighting through the Interrogation Rooms and has you fighting your way to the Council of Thieves where the Knight Council awaits.

  • Free Prisoners (6)
  • Slay the Warmaster and collect the Warmaster’s Key
  • Use the Warmaster’s Key to open the Deserter’s Door
  • Travel to the Council of Thieves
  • Defeat the Knight Council

Upon entering the Council of Thieves, you will have to face the Knight Council, which consists of the Sacred Physician, Grand Inquisitor, and Lord Commander.

The Knight’s Council consists of three enemies that have their attacks and it is best to take out the Sacred Physicians as it can heal the others.


The Earthstriker’s Aspect can easily be triggered by using multiple weapons that have been assigned across the Barbarian’s different skills.

You can make use of two or three skills to easily trigger the effect of Earthstriker’s Aspect and to make sure of it, you can assign different weapons to each skill.

Being able to Overpower enemies often will make it easier for you to clear out groups and this can even help you destroy bosses that you face on harder difficulties.

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