Sacrificial Aspect (Location, How to Get & Effects): Diablo 4

Necromancers often fight alongside their minions but there are builds where these summoners Sacrifice certain minions to gain benefits.

With the Sacrificial Aspect, the bonuses that a Necromancer benefits from will be increased, providing them with more effectiveness.

Although this removes the ability to summon certain minions, the outcomes become useful depending on the build you are working towards.

Sacrificial Aspect

Sacrificial Aspect Effects (Sacrifice Aspect)

With the Sacrificial Aspect in play, your Sacrifice bonuses will be increased by a certain percentage which can later change depending on the equipment that it has been imprinted on.

This bonus will be effective for all of the Sacrifice bonuses for each of the minions, which can be selected and altered by the Necromancer.

With the increase in the effectiveness of the Sacrifice Bonuses, Necromancers can work their way to more powerful builds.

Sacrificial Aspect LocationSacrificial Aspect is found in the Toxic Fens in Hawezar

Completing, the Ruins of Eridu Dungeon for the first time will unlock the Sacrificial Aspect, which can be found in the Toxic Fens in Hawezar.

The Ruins of Eridu are located to the west of Vyeresz or you can get to it by heading east from Zarbinzet, which is a bit further.

How To Get Sacrificial Aspect? (Ruins of Eridu Walkthrough)Sacrificial Aspect is found in the Toxic Fens in Hawezar

Your journey into the Ruins of Eridu will have you traversing through the Rotting Halls until you reach the Lair of the Riser, where you will encounter the Spiritcaller of Flames.

  • Slay all enemies in the Rotting Halls
  • Travel to the Fallen Chambers
  • Slay the Banes of Eridu (2)
  • Travel to the Lair of the Riser
  • Defeat the Spiritcaller of Flames

The Spiritcaller of Flames will be waiting for you in the Lair of the Riser, which requires you to defeat him to complete the dungeon.


Solo Necromancer Builds often include the use of the Sacrificial Aspect as these will affect all of the active Sacrifice Bonuses that are selected.

While the increased percentage may not be much at lower levels, every drop counts, and this usually scales with better equipment.

If you tend to fight enemies without the need for minions, the bonus percentages from Sacrificial Aspect can be quite useful if you add it.

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