Snowguard’s Aspect (Location, How to Get & Effects): Diablo 4

The Blizzard Skill is often used by Sorcerer Cold Builds, which is great for dealing damage in an area as well as providing certain bonuses based on their upgrade.

To make the Blizzard Skill better, the Snowguard’s Aspect can modify it to provide the Sorcerer with more survivability when it is in use.

The Snowguard’s Aspect reduces the amount of damage a Sorcerer takes when they are standing within the area where it is cast.

Snowguard's Aspect

Snowguard’s Aspect Effects (Blizzard Aspect)

Once Snowguard’s Aspect has been imprinted on one of your items, standing within the area where Blizzard has been cast will reduce the damage you take.

While you are in the area, damage dealt to the Sorcerer will be reduced by a certain percentage, allowing them to last longer in battle.

This is great for fighting several enemies or when you face tough bosses as it can prevent you from taking too much damage.

Snowguard’s Aspect LocationSnowguard's Aspect is found in The Writhing Mire to the west of The Tree of Whispers (Hawezar)

The Snowguard’s Aspect can be unlocked by completing the Fetid Mausoleum, which can be found in The Writhing Mire to the west of The Tree of Whispers. (Hawezar)

How To Get Snowguard’s Aspect? (Fetid Mausoleum Walkthrough)Defeat the Blood Bishop in the Fetid Mausoleum

Upon entering the Fetid Mausoleum, you will be fighting your way through the Neglected Chamber and will make your way to the Blighted Tomb.

  • Return the Bloodstone to the Pedestal (2)
  • Travel to the Halls of the Plagued
  • Destroy the Corpse Pile (3)
  • Travel to the Blighted Tomb
  • Defeat the Blood Bishop

Upon reaching the Blighted Tomb, you will come face to face with the Blood Bishop, who needs to be defeated to complete the dungeon.


The Blizzard Skill is common in several Sorcerer Cold Builds since it has other benefits aside from dealing damage in an area.

With the Snowguard’s Aspect, Sorcerers can last longer in battle and may even be able to withstand some of the more devastating attacks.

Since you can cast Blizzard several times without a cooldown (you just need Mana), you will be able to maintain the damage reduction in any fight.

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