Aspect of Mending Stone (How to Get, Location & Effects)

Druids are capable of protecting themselves with the Earthen Bulwark Skill, which surrounds them with rocks that form a barrier, blocking a certain amount of damage.

This skill can be improved with the Aspect of Mending Stone, which increases the duration and allows the Druid to replenish the barrier.

The Aspect of Mending Stone is a great way for Druids to make use of Earthen Bulwark to face tougher enemies and excel when fighting groups of enemies.

Aspect of Mending Stone

Aspect of Mending Stone Effects (Earthen Bulwark Aspect)

Having the Aspect of Mending Stone imprinted on one of your items will provide Earthen Bulwark by increasing its duration by 6 seconds.

Additionally, whenever you kill an enemy with Earth Skills, Earthen Bulwark’s barrier will be replenished by a certain amount.

This allows you to continuously stay protected and continue increasing your barrier until the time runs out, making it easy to withstand heaps of damage.

Aspect of Mending Stone LocationAspect of Mending Stone is found in the Untamed Scarps north of Jirandai (Dry Steppes)

The Aspect of Mending Stone can be unlocked by completing the Sealed Archives, which can be found in the Untamed Scarps north of Jirandai. (Dry Steppes)

How To Get Aspect of Mending Stone? (Sealed Archives Walkthrough)Defeating the Tomb Lord in the Sealed Archives

As you explore the Sealed Archives, you will be traveling from the Halls of Immurement to the Restricted Archive to face the Tomb Lord.

  • Slay the Decayed KEymaster and collect the Rotten Key
  • Use the Rotten Key to open the Archive Door
  • Travel to the Archives of Resentment
  • Slay all the enemies in the Archives of Resentment
  • Travel to the Restricted Archive
  • Defeat the Tomb Lord

Upon arriving at the Restricted Archive, you will encounter a Tomb Lord who needs to be defeated to complete the dungeon.


Earthen Bulwark is a great way for Druid Earth Builds to protect themselves and this can also be used by other builds as long as they have a way to kill enemies with Earth Skills.

While Druids can sometimes be sturdy enough to withstand enemy attacks, the extra barrier duration and ability to replenish it can be useful for more difficult situations.

As long as you can kill enemies with Earth Skills, you can end up making the most out of Earthen Bulwark when it is affected by Aspect of Mending Stone. 

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