Aspect of Perpetual Stomping (How to Get, Location & Effects): Diablo 4

Barbarians are capable of jumping across large distances to land with a slam with the Leap Skill, which becomes handy often.

The Leap Skill has a cooldown though, which can sometimes be a hassle to wait for but this can be reset if you have the Aspect of Perpetual Stomping.

With the Aspect of Perpetual Stomping, the use of the Barbarian’s Ground Stop or Kick will reset the cooldown of Leap.

Aspect of Perpetual Stomping

Aspect of Perpetual Stomping Effects (Cooldown Aspect)

When you have the Aspect of Perpetual Stomping imprinted on an item, your Ground Stop Skill and Kick Skill will reset the cooldown of Leap.

Using either one of these skills will reset Leap and if you have both of them equipped, Leap can rest twice in a row.

Being able to leap sooner than it has gone through its cooldown can be beneficial in jumping in and out of battle depending on the situation you are in.

Aspect of Perpetual Stomping LocationAspect of Perpetual Stomping is found in the Untamed Scarps north of Jirandai (Dry Steppes)

The Aspect of Perpetual Stomping can be unlocked once you have completed the Charnel House Dungeon, which can be found in the Untamed Scarps north of Jirandai. (Dry Steppes)

How To Get Aspect of Perpetual Stomping? (Charnel House Walkthrough)Destroy Corpse Pile Charnel House Dungeon

You will be starting in the Meat Storage once you enter the Charnel House and make your way to the Feeding Pit to start destroying multiple Corpse Piles. 

  • Free the Prisoners (6)
  • Slay Vardok and collect the Feeding Pit Key
  • Use the Feeding Pit Key to open the Feeding Pit Gate
  • Travel to the Feeding Pit
  • Destroy Corpse Pile (3)

Once you have destroyed all of the Corpse Piles, the dungeon will be complete and you will have unlocked the Aspect of Perpetual Stomping.


Leap is often unnoticed since players may think it’s just another way to get around but it has different benefits based on the upgrades you have chosen.

The effects that come after Leap can lead to Crowd Control or Fury Gain with either the Power Leap or Mighty Leap upgrades.

The use of such upgrades to Leap allows you to take advantage of enemies when they are affected by Crowd Control or have a way to instantly gain Fury.

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