Destiny 2: Path of the Splicer VII Quest

Destiny 2 Path of the Splicer VII Quest

Mithrax has determined that Quria is siphoning the City’s energies but is unsure of the reason for her doing so.

While Quria has been busy, Mithrax has attempted to lock on to her location within the domain but has been unsuccessful due to interference from the Vex.

You are asked to strike at the Vex to prevent them from interfering with his search, disrupting their network, and bringing chaos as a distraction.

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Quest Steps

During the events of Path of the Splicer VII, Lakshmi has started to down Zavala’s reign and suggests that the Titan Vanguard take over.

Osiris on the other hand says that these are merely words and should not be considered as any cause for alarm.

Collect Ether To Charge Gauntlet

You will need to once again collect at least 50 Ether by doing activities, which will allow you to later craft a Key Code for your Splicer Gauntlet.

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Use Ether To Craft Key Code

With the Ether that you have recently collected, you will need to craft a Key Code which will be used in opening a Conflux Chest.

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Complete Override Mission

Enter an Override mission and complete it, opening a Conflux Chest in the end to complete the objectives and proceed with the story.

Complete Expunge: Styx

Complete the Expunge: Styx mission to progress with Path of the Splicer VII, which afterward will prompt you to meet with Saint-14 and Osiris.

Speak with Mithrax

Once you have finished meeting up with Saint-14 and Osiris, speak with Mithrax to complete the Path of the Splicer VII quest.

Path of the Splicer VII Rewards

Path of the Splicer VII ends with Mithrax fearfully telling you that he senses the true strength of Quria pulsing within the network.

Mithrax will nearly have pinpointed Quria’s locations and at the end of the quest, you will be rewarded with yet another Umbral Engram.

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