Destiny 2: How to Use Splicer Gauntlet

Destiny 2 Splicer Gauntlet

With the introduction of Season of the Splicer, players can obtain an item called the Splicer Gauntlet.

This is similar to the Hammer of Proving in a way as it allows you to open Conflux Chests during Override missions.

Using your Splicer Gauntlet will open up a lot of rewards during Overrides and provides your main way to obtain Decrypted Data.

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Using The Splicer Gauntlet

At the end of an Override mission, there will be two chests that spawn, which are the Loot Cache and the Conflux Chests.

The Loot Cache can be opened for free by all players at the end of the Override mission, but to open the Conflux Chest, you will need a Key Code.

A Key Code can be created and slotted into your Splicer Gauntlet (there are limited slots) and will be consumed upon opening a Conflux Chest.

How To Get Key Codes

Currently, the only way to get Key Codes is by making them when accessing the Splicer Gauntlet, which can be located in the quests tab once you have acquired it.

Key Codes can be crafted at any time as long as you have Ether, even allowing you to craft it during an Override mission or when at the last part.

The number of Key Codes can be increased by upgrading your Splicer Gauntlet at H.E.L.M. at the cost of Decrypted Data.

How To Get Ether

You can obtain Decrypted Data by participating in events such as Public Events on different planets or by completing Lost Sectors and opening the chests at the end

Lost Sectors can be done repeatedly to quickly rack up some Ether if you can complete them fast enough and Public Events do make a good sum of it as well.

You may participate in Strikes, Crucible Events, Gambit, and more and may earn Ether for completion as well as for killing enemies.

To learn more about how to get Ether, check out our Destiny 2 Ether Farming Guide.

How To Upgrade Splicer Gauntlet

Using the Decrypted Data that you obtain during Overrides, you can upgrade your Splicer Gauntlet to allow you to farm Decrypted Data efficiently and to reap more rewards.

The upgrades you choose will allow you to further improve as you continue to do more Override missions and it would be wise to focus on choosing the important upgrades first.

Important upgrades would be to get the Ether collection boosts, Key Codes, and Ether capacity and don’t forget the Codestrider upgrades to make Override missions easier.

Splicer Gauntlet Upgrades

Below is a list of all the upgrades for each tier that you can use to improve the way your Splicer Gauntlet works in Destiny 2.

Tier 1

  • Codestrider – Causes more platforms to appear, giving you more ways to cross the Vex network
  • Override Efficiency – Provides you with more rewards from Conflux Chests and a Focused Umbral Engram drop once a week
  • Deletion Exclusion – Reduces damage taken from wall defenses and lasers in the Vex network
  • Ether Filter – Increases the chance that Ether will be dropped by enemies
  • Halt and Open Fire – Receive more ammo from ammo crates in Override missions
  • Memory Expansion – Splicer Gauntlet Ether capacity increases by 50 and Keycode capacity increased to 4 slots
  • Vulnerability Exploit – Gives a chance for Corrupted Vex Chests to drop umbral Engrams as well as 1 high-stat or double-perk seasonal gear once a week.

Tier 2

  • Signal Booster – Additional gravity cannons may now be used during Expunge missions
  • Override Efficiency II – Even more rewards from Conflux Chests and a Focused Umbral Engram drop twice a week
  • Deletion Exclusion II – Further reduces damages from defenses within the Vex network
  • Ether Filter II – Enemies will have an even greater chance of dropping Ether when killed
  • Halt and Open Fire II – More ammo is replenished when picking up ammo crates
  • Memory Expansion II – Ether capacity of Splicer Gauntlet increases by 50 and Key Code capacity goes up to 5 slots
  • Vulnerability Exploit II – Gives a higher chance for Corrupted Vex Chests to drop umbral Engram and it is now possible for 2 seasonal gears to be dropped which have high-stat or double-perks

Tier 3

  • Wirewalker – Allows the Splicer Gauntlet to expose shortcuts and remove obstacles in Expunge missions.
  • Override Efficiency III – Maximum awards acquired from Override chests with a higher chance of better gear from Vex chests and 3 Focused Umbral Engrams a week from Conflux Chests
  • Deletion Exclusion III – Damage of defenses within the Vex network is significantly reduced
  • Ether Filter III – Ether has a higher chance of being dropped and will be increased further when completing activities.
  • Halt and Open Fire III – Override ammo crates provide a significantly higher amount of ammo
  • Memory Expansion III – Your Splicer Gauntlet’s Ether capacity is increased by 100 while the Key Code capacity increases to 6 slots
  • Vulnerability Exploit III – Higher chances to get better rewards from Vex chests along with the guarantee of 3 seasonal gears with double-pers or high-stat rolls every week


  • Getting the Codestrider upgrade is one of the first important steps when you focus on doing Overrides, since they allow you to move through the network with shortcuts.
  • Be sure to always fill up your Splicer Gauntlet slots when you have enough Ether to craft the Key Codes for later on.
  • It is crucial when farming Ether that you obtain the Ether Filter upgrades, as these increase the amount you can get when trying to get more of this resource.
  • Upgrading your Splicer Gauntlet will make it easier for you to farm more Decrypted Data and will yield more rewards later on as you continue to do missions.
  • Try to get the hang of Override and Expunge missions so you can complete them faster and improve the rate at which you collect Decrypted Data.


The Splicer Gauntlet is a great way for you to collect new kinds of gear and access different parts of Destiny 2.

Similar to the Hammer of Proving, the Splicer Gauntlet is linked to its own season’s equipment, and further focusing on it will allow you to complete a good set with better stats and rolls.

Players can obtain a lot of Focused Umbral Engrams as rewards every week and may also use Decrypted Data to create their specific ones.

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