Destiny 2: How to Unlock Season of The Splicer Prismatic Lenses

Destiny 2 Season of The Splicer Prismatic Lenses

What Are Prismatic Lenses?

Prismatic Lenses are unlockable items that allow players to make various Focused Umbral Engrams at H.E.L.M. during or after certain seasons.

Each of the Prismatic Lenses only needs to be unlocked once to create its specific Focused Umbral Engram.

Players will be required to do certain tasks to unlock Prismatic Lenses, which will increase their chance of obtaining specific gear.

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How To Unlock Season 14 Prismatic Lenses?

To unlock Season of the Splicer Prismatic Lenses, you will need to unlock them in the Triumphs section under Season of the Splicer Prismatic Lenses.

Each of the Lenses will need you to perform tasks or uses a specific weapon to unlock specific Focused Umbral Engram Options.

You can view your progress with these Triumphs at any time and even track them if you plan to focus on unlocking them.

List of Season of The Splicer Prismatic Lenses

There is currently 18 Season of the Splicer Prismatic Lenses which you can complete to unlock Focused Umbral Engrams.

The following are Season of the Splicer Prismatic Lenses:

  • Splicer Regalia (Complete “Beneath The Great Machine” quest)
  • Splicer Armory (Complete following objective to unlock)
  • Splicer Captain’s Armory (Defeat enemies with Auto Rifles or Grenade Launchers)
  • Splicer Vandal’s Armory (Defeat enemies with Sidearms or Pulse Rifles)
  • Splicer Kell’s Armory (Defeat enemies with Machine Guns or Shotguns)
  • Blades (Defeat enemies with Swords)
  • Sol System Archive (Complete Patrols)
  • Long Shot (Complete Heroic Public Events)
  • Shock Trooper (Complete Lost Sectors)
  • FWC Armory (Complete following objective to unlock)
  • FWC Favored Arms (Defeat enemies with Auto Rifles, Grenade Launchers or Scout Rifles)
  • FWC Close Range (Defeat enemies with Shotguns, Sidearms or Submachine Guns)
  • Splicer Discipline (Defeat enemies with grenade ability)
  • Splicer Intellect (Use Super to defeat enemies)
  • Splicer Mobility (Gather Decrypted Data)
  • Splicer Recover (Gather Ether)
  • Splicer Resilience (Defeat enemies in Override/Expunge)
  • Splicer Strength (Defeat enemies with melee attacks)

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Season of the Splicer Focused Umbral engrams can be created once players have unlocked the Prismatic Lenses through Triumphs.

After unlocking Prismatic Lenses, you can use them to create Focused Umbral Engrams with each normal Umbral Engram that you have.

During seasons, there is a high chance for players to obtain Umbral Engrams, making it easy for players to complete a set and farm for rolls they prefer.

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