Destiny 2: How To Get Season of the Splicer Umbral Engrams

Destiny 2 Season of The Splicer Umbral Engram

The Season of the Splicer Umbral Engrams is Season based Focused Umbral Engrams that reward you with gear from the said season.

The different modifications can be selected to change an Umbral Engram and make it provide specific items from Season 14.

To create the certain Focused Umbral Engrams, you will need to unlock Prismatic Lenses and use Decrypted Data for modifying.

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How To Get Season of the Splicer Umbral Engrams?

Once you have gotten used to using your Splicer Gauntlet, you should be able to unlock Season of The Splicer Focused Umbral Engrams.

These are unlocked by collecting Season of The Splicer Prismatic Lenses in the Triumphs section of Season of the Splicer.

For more about unlocking more Season 14 Focused Umbral Engrams, check out our guide on How to Unlock Season of the Splicer Prismatic Lenses.

You will be able to make a Season of the Splicer Focused Umbral Engram by consuming an Umbral Engram and Decrypted Data.

To learn more about farming Decrypted Data, check out our Destiny 2 Decrypted Data Farming Guide.

Focusing Tiers

Creating a Focused Umbral Engram allows players to choose from the following options amongst three different tiers.

Tier I

  • Worldly Weapons (Legendary weapons from different activities and destinations)
  • Worldly Armor (Legendary armor from different activities and destinations)
  • Splicer Armory (Contains a Season of the Splicer Weapon)
  • Splicer Regalia (Contains a Season of the Splicer Armor)
  • FWC Armory (Contains a Future War Cult Weapon)
  • Blades (Contains a random Sword)
  • Sol System Archive (Has a Legendary weapon which can be found around the system)

Tier II

  • Splicer Captains Armory (Contains Chroma Rush and Ignition Code)
  • Splicer Vandal’s Armory (Contains Gridskipper and Farewell from Season 14)
  • Splicer Kell’s Armory (Season of the Splicer Shattered Cipher and Sojourners Tale)
  • Longshot (Engram Contains Eternal Blazon and Tarantula)
  • Shock Trooper (Engram Contains Cartesian Coordinate and Retrofuturist.
  • FWC Favored Arms (Contains The Number, Memory Interdict and Pleiades Corrector.
  • FWC Close Range (Contains Stochastic Variable, The Vision and The Decade)

Tier III

  • Splicer Discipline (Armor from Season of the Splicer that has a high Discipline role)
  • Splicer Intellect (High intellect armor from Season of the Splicer)
  • Splicer Mobility (Season of the Splicer armor with high mobility role)
  • Splicer Recovery (Season of the Splicer armor with high recovery role)
  • Splicer Resilience (Season of the Splicer armor with high resilience role)
  • Splicer Strength (Armor with high strength role from Season 14)


The Season of the Splicer Focused Umbral Engrams allows players to obtain specific gear related to Season 14 in Destiny 2.

Progress with the Splicer Gauntlet will allow players to farm Decrypted Data much easier, allowing them to make more Season Focused 14 Umbral Engrams.

H.E.L.M. can easily be found in the Destinations tab, located near The Tower, and may be accessed unlike in previous patches where it was almost hidden.

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