Destiny 2: How To Get Season of the Chosen Umbral Engrams

Destiny 2 Season of The Chosen Umbral Engram

The Season of The Chosen Umbral Engrams first came during Season 13, Season of The Chosen and are created in H.E.L.M. to provide players with gear from the said season.

Even if the Season of The Chosen has ended, players may still use their Hammer of Proving to collect charges to modify Umbral Engrams into Focused Umbral Engrams from Season 13.

Season of The Chosen Engrams can include specific weapon types, gear groups as well as focusing that provide higher rolls on a certain stat.

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How To Get Season of the Chosen Umbral Engrams?

Season of the Chosen Umbral Engrams can be acquired from the Prismatic Recaster and will require that you consume an Umbral Engram as well as Legendary Shards and/or Hammer Charges.

Hammer Charges are obtained from using the Hammer of Proving and will be consumed based on the amount required at the Prismatic Recaster.

For a more detailed guide about getting Hammer Charges, check out our guide on Destiny 2 How to Use Hammer of Proving.

Focusing Tiers

Creating a Focused Umbral Engram allows players to choose from the following options amongst three different tiers.

Tier I

  • Worldly Weapons (Legendary weapons from different activities and destinations)
  • Worldly Armor (Legendary armor from different activities and destinations)
  • Chosen Implements (Armor or weapon from Season of the Chosen)
  • Chosen Arms (Season of the Chosen weapon)
  • Chosen Regalia (Season of the Chosen armor)

Tier II

  • Far and Fatal (Season of the Chosen Bow or Sniper Rifle)
  • Near and Deadly (Season of the Chosen Submachine Gun or Sidearm)
  • Explosion and Detonation (Season of the Chosen Rocket Launcher or Linear Fusion Rifle)
  • Chosen Helmet (Season of the Chosen Helmet)
  • Chosen Gauntlets (Season of the Chosen Guantlets)
  • Chosen Chest Armor (Season of the Chosen Chest Armor)
  • Chosen Leg Armor (Season of the Chosen Leg Armor)
  • Chosen Class Armor (Includes a class armor from Season of The Chosen for your class)

Tier III

  • Far Flung Fatality (Bow or Sniper Rifle from season of the Chosen with perk choice)
  • Near-Death Experience (Season of the Chosen Submachien Gun or Sidearm with perk)
  • Chosen Destruction (Rocket Launcher or Linear Fusion Rifle with per from Season 13)
  • Chosen Mobility (Season of the Chosen armor with high mobility role)
  • Chosen Resilience (Season of the Chosen armor with high resilience role)
  • Chosen Discipline (Armor from Season of the Chosen that has a high Discipline role)
  • Chosen Intellect (High intellect armor from Season of the Chosen)
  • Chosen Strength (Armor with high strength role from Season 13)
  • Chosen Recovery (Season of the Chosen armor with high recovery role)


Players who wish to collect gear from the Season of the Chosen may easily collect what they using the Prismatic Recaster.

Some may find it easier to collect Hammer Charges and may use this to their advantage to create powerful gear with boosted stats from Season of the Fallen.

Upgrading your Hammer of Proving can make collecting charges easier and provide an easier experience when getting Focused Umbral Shards from Season 13.

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